Air India’s Flight Schedule From/To Australia For August 2022

Air India Flight Schedule

Last updated on Aug 17th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra

None has been able to escape the chaos that surrounds the suspension of commercial air travel. Either directly or indirectly, we have all faced the wrath of people who were left stranded in India post lockdown and also by the Indians who were left stranded abroad. Seeing the distress it was causing, Air India took it upon its shoulders to help travelers fly back to their home country from across the world.

Even though Air India used to charge a bomb, the flights used to sell out within three minutes of opening the virtual ticketing counters. Initially, it was assumed that the tickets would be sold one way with its outward leg flying empty. The price per seat was decided to keep this in mind. However, it went ahead to sell tickets on both legs.

While the Vande Bharat Mission initiated by Air India has been rolling rather smoothly, it has been rather bumpy for Australian flights. This is because of the quarantine requirements and the restriction of bringing only 50 passengers per plane. Crossing all the barriers, Australian flights for the next phase have been announced for August 2022. Let’s find out more about Air India flights to Australia’s schedule.

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Australia To India Flights

  1. Melbourne to Delhi – 6th August 2022
  2. Sydney to Delhi – 9th August 2022

India To Australia Flights 

  1. Delhi to Adelaide – 3rd and 6th August 2022

Unlike Sydney or Melbourne, this time it was decided by the Air India flights to Australia’s schedule that the flight will fly to Adelaide from where it will fly empty to Sydney and Melbourne and back to India.


The bookings opened for these three routes on 29th July 2022 and almost instantly got filled up.

Future Bookings

There are no updates as such. However, whenever the new bookings open, we wish there are enough seats available for the travelers to make them happy.

Hope this article has helped you know about Air India flights to Australia’s schedule. You can get in touch with if you wish to travel from Australia to India or back. We follow the lowest-airfare policy that reflects when we share the flight prices. Give us a call or join the live chat for a free quote today!

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