Rashi Bagga Created History – Secured Rs 85 Lakh Job Offer!

Sidak Bir posted on Friday, Jan 12th, 2024

Graduates from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Naya Raipur (IIIT-NR) have taken the corporate world by storm, reversing the typical narrative dominated by IIT, IIM, and VIT success tales. Rashi Bagga’s incredible performance, along with that of her colleagues Chinky Karda and Yogesh Kumar, exemplifies a new era of excellence arising from unexpected places. To know more about their unmatched achievements skim through the piece now!

Rashi Bagga’s Leading Victory 

Rashi Bagga is leading the charge, and his record-breaking employment offer has become a symbol of triumph for IIIT-NR. With an annual salary of Rs 85 lakh, Rashi’s success defies institutional opinions, demonstrating that commitment and skill know no educational bounds. 

Rashi Bagga achieved the highest package offered to any student at IIIT-NR in 2023. Notably, she had a promising job offer from another company a few days earlier. Driven by her curiosity to explore more opportunities, she engaged in additional interviews and eventually secured this groundbreaking job offer.

Chinky Karda Milestones

Chinky Karda has secured a stunning employment offer of Rs 57 lakh per annum which was the highest in her batch., following in the footsteps of Rashi. Her achievement bolsters the concept that IIIT-NR is cultivating a pool of talent capable of competing with the finest, as she paves the path for other students to exceed traditional norms. 

Yogesh Kumar’s Achievement

The story of achievement at IIIT-NR does not end with Rashi and Chinky. Yogesh Kumar, another outstanding intellect from the institute, has accepted a job offer of Rs 56 lakh per year as a software development engineer. His offer comes from a multinational company. His accomplishment confirms the institute’s image as a hub for great talent, eliminating misconceptions about the importance of attending prestigious colleges for professional success.

In 2020, Ravi Kushashwa, a student at IIIT-NR, got a job offer from a big company offering Rs 1 Crore per year. Unfortunately, he had to say no because of the COVID-19 situation. Now, the placement office at IIIT-NR says the average yearly salary for the current group has been changed to Rs 16.5 lakh, with a middle value of Rs 13.6 lakh.

Indian Student Excellence

These success stories from IIIT-NR demonstrate that greatness is not limited to a few institutions. Rashi Bagga, Chinky Karda, and Yogesh Kumar’s accomplishments collectively support the idea that Indian students can excel on a global stage if they are provided with correct opportunities and a commitment to continual progress.

Success Is Redefined At IIIT-NR

Rashi Bagga, Chinky Karda, and Yogesh Kumar are torchbearers for a new generation of students as they redefine success from the hallways of IIIT-NR. Their experience demonstrates that unusual paths and lesser-known institutions may foster unusual achievement, encouraging Indian students to pursue their aspirations courageously. The trio’s accomplishments highlight the potential of IIIT-NR and serve as an example to other working students across the country. 

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