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Best Seats on Airplan

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Finding a good seat on a plane can be a challenge. If you’re on a long-haul flight, you need to find options that are as comfortable as possible. The last thing you want is to spend long hours in a cramped seat with no legroom. We have tips to help you find the best seats on airplane

Which Are The Best Seats On Plane?

The best seat in plane can vary depending on personal preferences and the type of aircraft, However, Exit row Seats – These seats often have extra legroom. Bulkhead seats – Located at the front of the cabin, these also have extra legroom. Aisle Seats – These seats provide easy access to the restroom. Window seat – These seats offer a view, and you won’t be disturbed by people needing to access the aisle. 

Here’s How to Find the Best Airplane Seats

What one considers the best seat on plane depends on their personal preferences. Some people want a smooth flight, others want a relatively quieter place. And some wish to have more room to stretch their legs. We recommend looking at the plane seat layout carefully to determine which best plane seats are suitable. Different airplanes will have slightly different layouts, which will have an impact on your selection. The tips we have to offer a general guideline on the best place to sit on a plane seats available but looking at a seat map will give you a clearer idea.

1. Aisle Seats on a Plane 

Aisle seats are ideal for tall people who need more legroom but they can also be the most disruptive. You may be forced to move or even get off your seat to let your neighbors pass by when they want to use the toilet or just stretch their legs. If you want additional legroom, consider getting the bulkhead seats, which are at the front of the airplane near the dividing wall or gallery. They generally offer more legroom so you won’t feel as cramped. 

The front seats are also usually quieter, which can be helpful if you are sensitive to noise. However, it is still a good idea to carry some earplugs with you to avoid most of the noise. In a business class 1-2-1 configuration just like in Qantas A330 seat plan, it can be easier with bulkhead seat Qantas.

2. Flight Seat Window 

If you want to remain undisturbed by the movement of people around you, window seats are a good option. You can sleep away without worrying about your neighbors getting up and moving around. Window seats near the bulkhead are quieter and offer more legroom so you get the best seat on the plane of both worlds. You may need to pay a little more money to get those seats but that’s a good compromise for a long-haul flight. 

3. Safest Place to Sit On a Plane

Sit in a seat that is as far away from the engines as possible. This way, if there is an emergency, the engines won’t be pulling you toward them. Skip the seats on the wings or close to the wings because they tend to be at the highest risk of exposure. Seats near the back of the cabin are often considered the safest. However, safety is relative. All seats on the plane are safe in general but if there is an emergency, no matter where you are on the plane, you need to follow instructions to the letter to avoid being hurt. All the seats available are the safest seating on a plane if you’re careful.

4. Overwing Seats

Turbulence can be disruptive, especially when you’re on a long-haul flight and are feeling anxious. We recommend the overwing seats if you’re sensitive to turbulence and vibrations. These seats tend to offer the smoothest ride and are also close to emergency exits. You will feel more comfortable and reassured in these seats. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the best of views as the large wings will block most of your vision, but the compromise is worth it if you don’t want to experience the worst turbulence. 

Look at the airplane seating plan carefully to find the overwing seats during booking. They will offer the smoothest possible ride for any of your flights, be it Melbourne to Delhi flights or otherwise. 

5. Airline Seating Classes

Consider airline seating classes during your booking. Economy seats offer the bare minimum comfort. They offer less legroom and the economy cabin is usually noisier in comparison to others. You may want to upgrade to a Premium Economy or Business Class seat just to have a better time. While the upgrades can be expensive in some cases, they are worth your money on a long-haul flight. 

Premium Economy seats have a larger seat pitch and better service. Inflight upgrades may also be a little cheaper than booking Premium Economy directly. If you find a seat and feel like it is very uncomfortable, consider upgrading directly. 

6. Seats for Larger Passengers 

If you need more room, consider aisle seats near the front of the airplane. Aisle seats offer more legroom and you’re not squished between two people or between a person and the airplane’s body. Some airlines offer more room and may even prioritize seating larger passengers near empty seats. 

You may also want to look at the seat pitches of aircraft you can book on to see which one offers enough room for you to be comfortable. If you want to find the best seat on a plane with the highest chance of you getting an empty seat beside you, consider the back of the airplane. These are the most unpopular options and are often booked last. 

Tip – If you are traveling with Air India, please know that the airline offers Air India seat assignment service to the passengers. Do take advantage of this service. 


Q. How can I find the best place to sit on the plane?

Ans: The easiest way to find the best place to sit on airplane is to look at the seat map. You should also look at the seat pitch offered by that particular aircraft and airline. 

Q: Where’s the best place to sit on a plane?

A: Exit rows of aisle or window seats and seats too close to the front are typically considered the best seats on a plane. 

Q: Where is the best place to sit on a plane with a baby?

A: The best seats on airplanes to sit with a baby are near exit rows which have more legroom and these are near the washrooms also. 

Q: Where is best to sit on a long haul flight?

A: If you are traveling on a long haul flight. The center aisle seats are the best place to sit on plane for long haul flights.

Q. Are economy seats on a plane comfortable?

Ans: Economy seats offer the bare minimum comfort so they may not be the ideal seats but they can also be comfortable depending on the airline you choose and the seats you consider. 

Q. How do I check seats available on flights?

Ans: You can check the seats available on flight during the time of booking and check-in. Just pick a seat that works for you while booking to ensure you are guaranteed it. Make sure to check-in online to keep the seats you have booked. 

With some research, you can easily find the best seats on a plane and have a more comfortable journey.

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