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Last updated on Jun 5th, 2023 by Heena Ganotra

While Father’s Day Gifts are no barometer to measure your love for your dad, it’s a day to celebrate nonetheless (18th June 2023, Sunday – for those wondering the date/day it falls on). It hits hard especially when you are “sat samundar paar” in Australia and your father is in India, rooting for you!

No matter how much he’d have wanted you to stop you from leaving, he let you go so you could conquer the world. But in our heart’s hearts, we do know that fathers are just kids who can NEVER say what this kid in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai did.


But what did we say? Fathers are just kids! And affection makes them all mushy even though they show themselves as the toughest beings alive. They are, however, the softest when it comes to their children.

Thus, this Father’s Day, send them gifts from Australia that they can relish, feel proud of, and (ahem) show off how much you love & value him to the world.


5 Father’s Day Gifts You Can Send To Your Dad in India

We are against lists that share 50-100 Father’s Day gift options. Experts got to narrow down and solve people’s problems and not create more by spoiling them with choices. Here, we have you covered. Choose any of these, especially the fifth (if you can), and you are sorted!

1. Gadgets – For Tech-Savy Fathers

Fitness tracker, iPhone, Smartwatch, headphones/earphones, E-reader – The list is truly endless. Before zeroing in on the gadget you want to gift, please consider your father’s interests and preferences. Nobody but you’ll be able to figure that out.

Remember, it’s always the thought that goes into buying a gift that matters. So, understand if your father has been using a phone with a crappy battery, if he has lost his earphones, or if somebody did something out-of-the-blue with his laptop. You never know! Figure it out.


2. Chocolates & Confectionary – For Foodie Fathers

Skip the kitschy trinkets and send home edible souvenirs so your father can have a taste of Australia. Well, not just your father; but the entire community; because in India, one can hardly enjoy edibles without sharing. What you send is going to be talked about for ages and the talks are going to be passed on to generations. Time to make fine choices!

Try sending Australian Chocolates, Anzac Biscuits, Vegemite, Tim Tams, or/and canned Macadamia nuts (honey-coated, chocolate-coated, or spiced). These make the best gifts and you won’t be disappointed when his taste buds go on a roll.


3. Kangaroo, Emu, Sheep, & Rabbit Products – For Classy Fathers

**All these products are derived from sustainably farmed animals under strict guidelines from the Australian Wildlife Protection Act.

If your father exudes style, these will make the perfect Father’s Day Gifts AUS. You can gift him Akubra Hats made from rabbit fur felt which he can wear on his next trip, golf match, or party. Else, you could gift wallets, bags, belts, and other goods crafted from Kangaroo leather which splits without losing strength; thanks to its unique cross fiber. Don’t forget to skim through the Harrington Leather collection (crocodile leather) for similar goods. Ugg boots (made from sheep skin) are another great option to gift to keep your father warm and comfortable during Indian winters.

And if you want your father to be young & classy forever, Emu oil (made from the fat of emus) comes as a healing ointment for all sorts of skin and joint conditions. From eczema to arthritis, rashes, wrinkles, and bug stings, emu oil is a multi-tasker in the skincare and medicine cabinet. These Australia-special gifts will instantly make him spring with joy and get him a lot of compliments; so much so that he will keep blushing for days.


4. Penfolds Grange – For Merry-Making Fathers

Penfolds Grange is Australia’s Heritage Wine and ranks among the top wines in the world. Prized for its deep aroma, it is now considered a collector’s item. Its flavour is going to help your father transfer into the world of dreams pretty fast. In case your father is a sufi man, there’s nothing like Australian Tea!

In both cases, he’s going to announce it to the world and enjoy the drinks with his buddies; perhaps to hide a tear or two back from the love he feels for you for having sent him Father’s Day gifts.


5. Your Presence – For ALL Fathers

Nothing, we repeat, nothing can beat this! Fathers can get a million gifts, yet the most precious of all for them will be YOU wrapping yourself in surprise and gifting them YOUR PRESENCE. Imagine that magical smile they’ll have, the hugs you’d be showered with, and the sparkling eyes you’d be watched with! Ah, the joys of life.


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Go, make your Father – YOUR HERO – feel special. Happy Father’s Day! 🙂


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