Best Indian Restaurants to visit in Harris Park

Indian Restaurants in Harris Park

Posted on Mar 23rd, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on May 26th, 2022

Are you planning to dine at the best Indian restaurants in Harris Park? We are here to help you out. We have shared top 5 Indian Harris Park restaurants based on their reviews to help you to satisfy your hunger by enjoying your favorite traditional Indian food in Harris Park. So crave no more!

Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant

All of your favourite Indian street foods, Indian cuisines, and a wide range of Indian desserts are now available under one roof. The Taj Indian restaurant is most renowned for its Indian chaat papdi and authentic Indian desserts, which are prepared with original Indian traditional cooking ideas and pure ingredients. The restaurant delivers authentic vegetarian Indian cuisine in a traditional Indian ambiance.

Address :91 Wigram St, Harris Park NSW 2150 Contact number- (02) 9633 2118

Chatkazz Restaurant

Missing the taste of your traditional Indian pav bhaji, samosas, khaman dhoklas, and khandvi, The Chatkazz restaurant which is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Australia has it all. With over 200 dishes inspired by the North and South of India on their menu, every visit to Chatkazz will bring back memories of home. Expect fragrant, flavorful meals, many of which are hard to come by outside of India.

Address :Shop 4-6/14/20 Station St E, Harris Park NSW 2150 Contact number-(02) 8677 0033.

Ginger Indian Restaurant

Ginger Indian restaurant was established in 2007 with a passion for serving authentic Indian food to the people of Harris Park. The restaurant serves Mughlai Cuisines in their most original form prepared with the most flavorful spices of India, giving their customers a feel of the Mughal-Era. The restaurant is known for its delicious curry chicken options served with freshly baked naan bread.

Address : 94 Wigram St, Harris Park NSW 2150 Contact number-(02) 9635 9680

Dosa Hut Indian Restaurant

Dosa hut restaurant is famous for its wide variety of south Indian dosas and many more classic south Indian options to choose from. With its spectacular customer service and delightful food, the restaurant has been winning the hearts of its customers. The restaurant also offers vegan-friendly options.

Address : 69 Wigram St, Harris Park NSW 2150 Contact number- (02) 9633 4455

New Hyderabad House

Hyderabad House is the place to go for authentic Hyderabadi Biryanis and other specialties. Authentic Hyderabadi Biryanis and other Hyderabadi delights such as Haleem, Chicken 65, and Dum Ka Murgh delight customers at Hyderabad House. The secret to their success is the authentic taste and flavor of their Biryanis. Dum Ka Murgh, Chicken 65, or any of their delicious biryanis are a must-try.

Address : 73 Wigram St, Harris Park NSW 2150 Contact number- (02) 9635 9577

  • Amaravathi Harris Park
  • Not Just Curries
  • Punjabi Fusion
  • Bombay Talkies 
  • Billu’s Indian Eatery
  • Chill ‘N’ Grill Indian Restaurant
  • Momozz Harris Park
  • Indian Chopsticks

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Good luck on your journey!


Q. Which of the above restaurant offers a 100% vegetarian menu?

Ans. The ginger Indian restaurant offers a 100% vegetarian menu option.

Q. Which of the above restaurants are best to visit with family?

Ans. Dosa hut and Taj Indian restaurant would be the best options for a family visit.

Q. Does Ginger Indian Restaurant offer delivery?

Ans. Yes, Ginger Indian Restaurant offers delivery services.

Q. Does Taj Indian Sweets and Restaurant offer takeaway?

Ans. Yes, Taj Indian Sweets and Restaurant offers takeaway services.


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