Qantas Baggage Services Can Help You Recover Lost Property


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Losing your luggage on a flight can be troublesome, but Qantas Baggage Services can help. If you contact them promptly within the set time limits, you can get assistance with recovery or compensation. However, most travellers don’t know much about lost baggage and how to deal with the problem. We explain in detail how to handle Qantas lost baggage

Qantas Lost Property

It is fairly common for people to leave items on the airplane and sometimes these items are valuable. For example, you may forget your AirPods on your seat while you’re in a hurry to disembark. 

Fortunately, there’s a high chance that you may be able to recover the item. When a passenger leaves behind an item on the airplane, the property is placed inside a bag and labelled with the seat number, passenger name, and any other important information available to them. 

Once the item is collected and secured, it is sent to the Qantas Baggage Services or the Qantas Administration at the nearest airport. 

The airline isn’t responsible for these items. It is your responsibility to contact Qantas Airways as soon as possible to claim the lost property. Just contact Qantas lost and found directly while you are at the airport or as soon as you notice the object missing. 

The airline authorities will return the item once they confirm your identity and ownership. Be aware that some items that are lost on the airplane are never recovered. You may not be able to find it after you get off the plane. Keep track of your belongings and double-check your seat before you leave. 

Qantas Damaged Property

The airline takes care to transport your belongings carefully but sometimes, things can go wrong during the trip. It is a good idea to check your bags thoroughly before and after the trip. If the suitcase is damaged in some way, you can reach out to the airline for assistance. 

You will need to contact Qantas Customer Care directly, fill out the form, and make sure you file the complaint within the time limit recommended. The time limits are:

  • On the domestic flight, you need to file a complaint within 3 days of receiving the damaged luggage.
  • On an international route, you need to file a complaint within 7 days of receiving the damaged luggage. 

Fill out the form and mention all the details clearly to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. 

The customer care personnel will examine the baggage carefully to see whether the claim is valid before moving forward with the Qantas damaged baggage compensation. Be sure to file the report on time to get compensation.

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Qantas Delayed Baggage

Sometimes your baggage can get delayed and this usually happens with connecting flights. When your baggage is delayed, it is important to report the matter to Qantas Baggage Services immediately. It is best to report before you leave the airport but you do have some leeway if you’re pressed for time. 

If your baggage is delayed, you have 21 days to report the situation to the baggage services office at the airport. Reporting quickly ensures your claim is processed promptly, which is especially important if you’re on an international trip and need to return home soon. 

Here’s a look at what you need to do:

  • File a PIR or a Property Irregularity Report on the delayed baggage self-service portal
  • You can also visit the Baggage Services counter at your airport to file a report. 
  • Mention your flight details, baggage tag number, and contact details during the report. 
  • You can manage and edit the details of your report by clicking on the Manage Delayed Baggage button.

Once you have reported, you will be contacted by the airline about the status of your baggage. There is a waiting period of 21 days. If the airline doesn’t manage to find your luggage within that time, they will proceed with the Qantas lost baggage compensation proceedings. 

If the baggage is delayed but found, you may get some Qantas delayed baggage compensation depending on the duration of the delay and the problems caused as a result of it. 

Qantas Baggage Lost

You need to contact the airline and proceed with the delayed baggage proceedings first. The lost baggage claim can only be filed if the airline is unable to locate your suitcase within 21 days. Keep the reference number they provide during the initial reporting because you’ll be using the same number for the rest of the reporting. 

Once 21 days have lapsed, the airline will contact you with instructions on how to proceed further. You need to reply to the email with the details regarding your baggage, trip, name, contact information, etc. 

Fill out the lost baggage claim form carefully and make sure there are no errors. The airline will review the case to determine if the Qantas lost baggage claim is valid before arranging for compensation. 

We always encourage travellers to read the Qantas lost baggage policy carefully before they go on a trip. Being aware of the regulations and understanding the rules can help you go through the claims process easier.

Tip: – If you’re traveling from the USA to India with American Airlines and your baggage gets lost, you can always file a Lost Baggage Claim with the airline.


Q. What is Qantas baggage tracking?

Ans: After you make a delayed baggage report, you will be able to access a ‘Manage Delayed Baggage’ section. You can view your report, track your luggage if it is found, and keep up-to-date with the process. If your luggage is lost, you will be notified immediately after the 21st day has lapsed. 

Q: What are my chances of losing my baggage while choosing to fly with Qantas Airways?

Ans: Qantas flight delays, baggage delays, baggage loss among other losses are unavoidable since human power is behind all these and humans can err. Having said that, the chances are negligible and even if it happens, the recovery procedure is pretty smooth.

Q. Will I get lost baggage compensation before the 21 days are up?

Ans: No, the baggage isn’t considered officially lost until 21 days are up unless there are special circumstances involved. You will be entitled to delayed baggage compensation. 

Q. How long does it take for Qantas to process lost baggage claims and provide compensation?

Ans: It can take around eight weeks for the claims and compensation to go through the system and get approval. However, there may be delays if there are too many claims in the system. Some customers may have to wait for three months before they get compensation. 

Q: Does Qantas lose baggage for business class passengers as well?

Ans: Qantas baggage loss happens irrespective of the class in which the passenger chooses to fly. However, you can find the Qantas A330 business class review here.

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      Hi Brenda,

      We are so sorry to hear that. Please file a lost baggage claim with the airline. They will provide you with a reference number. Make sure you keep it safe and handy because it’s of immense use during the later stages of your reporting. If after 21 days your bag is not found, an email will be sent to you. You need to reply to this email with your details like contact, baggage trip etc. Also, fill out a lost baggage claim form for Qantas Airlines ( to apply for compensation. We hope you get back your baggage soon, let’s hope for the best!

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