MyTicketsToIndia Beats The Heat By Organising A Chabeel In India 

Heena Ganotra posted on Wednesday, Jun 7th, 2023

As the mercury rises and the scorching sun dominates the Indian summer, memories of childhood resurface. The carefree days spent savouring cold beverages made by Nani(s) and Dadi(s), Mama(s) and Bhanja(s), Chachi(s) and Tayiji(s), and everyone comes rushing back.

Aam Panna, Shikanji, Banta, Rooh Afsa, Gulkand Milk… Ah, those were the days, weren’t they?!

To reconnect with the essence of togetherness, MyTicketsToIndia which is a leading travel platform specializing in booking flights to India, ingeniously brought back the charm of the “Chabeel” experience. 

Chabeel – Reconnecting, Reliving, & Reviving the Traditions 

Chabeel is a cherished tradition in India, particularly in the northern states, where a roadside stall is set up to distribute refreshing drinks to passers-by. 

MyTicketsToIndia, as part of community service, extended the Chabeel delights from offering just the drinks to offering Channe and Halwa as well. It was a unique blend of nostalgia, tradition, and rejuvenation, all wrapped into one delightful package. 


The Resurgence of Nostalgia

At MyTicketsToIndia, we understand the longing for an authentic Indian experience among the diaspora, especially during the summer months. This Chabeel experience served as a heartwarming reminder of our Indian roots. 

We wanted the Indian community to feel like a part of the Indian fabric. Hence, here we are, bridging the gap between continents by bringing a part of India to Australia for Indian Australians. 


Escape The Heat, Embrace The Tradition

Are you bombarded with the memories of childhood and summer vacations spent in India? Is the sight of the Chabeel stall and the familiar taste of Rooh Afsa Milk transporting you to a bygone era? We understand!

The experience does rekindle a sense of nostalgia and if you’re yearning to relive the magic of family get-togethers where you can have the authentic drinks/dishes you want, we can help you book your tickets to India from Australia at affordable prices. 

book flights to India

Book flights to your homeland and embark on a journey that intertwines the past and the present to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s raising our glasses to the spirit of generosity and tradition!

Also, cheers to you, for giving us so much love. It’s the love you give us that we pass on in ways like these. Keep supporting and we promise we’ll keep leveling up. 🙂 


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