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10 December, 2021: With a successful bilateral agreement with Australia as well, India is in an official air bubble pact with a total of 33 countries. 

However, the concerns surfacing around the Omicron coronavirus variant has led India to extend ban on commercial international flights functionality until 31st of January. 

This ban extension is a part of precautionary measures taken by the Indian government. Besides the ban, there are very few flights that are operational for international passengers under the air bubble pact. 

Speaking of the India-Australia air bubble pact, the deal was officially accepted and announced right before when Australia reinstated its international flight traveling. A medically fit traveler can now fly from India to Australia, if they’re carrying a valid visa or are an international student. 

Read further, and learn everything you must learn about the India Australia Air Bubble pact. 

What Is An Air Bubble Flight?

 A travel air bubble is a twofold opportunity that involves the consent of both countries to recommence outbound flights within their destinations.

The term air bubble agreement had come into existence ever since the Covid-19 cases had thrashed citizens worldwide. So, in order to keep their residents safe, every national government had applied restrictions on international traveling through the mode of aviation. 

Despite the restrictions, few countries chose to have a bilateral agreement for air shuttling within their arenas, and this agreement was officially called Air Bubble.  

Indian Air Bubble International Collaboration History

Like various other countries, India’s travel bubble also came into existence. The air bubble India was created solely to ensure their passengers return to their desired destination or home hassle-free. 

Currently, the Indian council is in the air bubble agreement with 33 countries. The 33 countries include Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Canada, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, Seychelles, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, the UAE, the UK, and the USA, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Now, while India was already in a generous amount of air bubble agreement with various countries, it could not get through with Australia each time. Well, just when everybody had lost their hopes on the Australia India travel bubble and a benefitting India to Australia flight news, the Indian government came up with the much-awaited update. 

However, an unrevealed government official has revealed that only the cargo flights selected to be scheduled under the India air bubble pact will be allowed to continue flying operations.

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India’s Air Bubble Agreement With Australia

As it got official on the 14h of December 2021, the Indian government has announced the much-awaited air bubble agreement with Australia. The India Australia air bubble will allow the medically eligible flyers to move further and shuttle within the two countries. As for any other air bubble flights, only the designated flights will be allowed to commute between the two countries. 

Ultimate Question – Are Flights From India To Australia Open?

Yes. With a signed air bubble pact, Indians can fly to Australia and come back with much more ease. This has sent a wave of happiness among the Indian Australians who have been stuck in India for months. Not only this, people who haven’t been able to travel to India, thinking they wouldn’t find return flights, are relieved too. 

Would The India-Australia Air Bubble benefit Travellers? 

Yes, of course! With the increased number of flights, it will be way convenient for the eligible flyers to reach their prioritized destination in no time. “Australia is an important market for the airline, and we expect a good demand,” the official added, requesting anonymity. Since the announcement, the concerned flyers have been really positive and enthusiastic about the given update.

Latest India-Australia Traveling Guidelines and Institutional Quarantine

Although various Australian states have issued their exclusive flying guidelines during covid times, few traveling regulations are common for all. Read further and brace yourself with all Australian travel guidelines that you must know before boarding a flight to or from the country. 

  1. Vaccinations: Irrespective of all the traveling eligibility one may have, they must be fully vaccinated against coronavirus in order to proceed further with their boarding flight. 
  2. Australia Travel Declaration: The Australia travel declaration is a form of a governmental stamp to your traveling acknowledgment. The declaration form is one of the vital documents that you must carry before boarding your Australia-India flights. 
  3. Pre-departure Testing: The flyers must submit their covid polymerase chain reaction, aka PCR or RT-PCR test conducted within 3 days of their time of departure. Please note that rapid antigen or serology tests are not counted as valid medical documents for boarding.
  4. Special Cases: The special cases, here, are referred to the flight delay or cancellation from airlines’ end. Well, if your concerned flight is delayed and now is out of the 3 day RT-PCR time frame, you do not need to take the test again. However, if the flight is canceled or rescheduled for days apart, the flyer would need to have another RT-PCR test for their next boarding. 
  5. Mask: Wearing a mask and practicing all covid precautionary measures are mandatory for the flyers. However, if the passenger is consuming a meal or is asked to show face in a security check by authorities, they may remove the mask for the time being. Additionally, under special circumstances, a traveler’s medical condition regarding the inability to wear a mask (with a documented proof) may allow them to get rid of wearing one. 
  6. Testing and Quarantine Guidelines: Now, the quarantine guidelines are regulations that various Australian states chose to keep exclusive. So it would be best if you went through the state-wise quarantine guidelines before boarding a flight to or from your respective Australian state. 

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