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The Singapore Airlines Business Class is known for its privacy and comfort. The Singapore Airlines business class review has always been good, providing its passengers with the utmost satisfaction in the air. 

Let’s have a look at all the options available under Singapore Airline business class. 

Picks For Business Class Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Business Class 777

In Singapore Airline 777 business class, there are two positions of seats available. The first category is the Lazy Z which ensures your weight remains balanced around the center while the other one is the Sundeck which helps you stretch better.

Further, the 777 business class Singapore Airlines has an impressive collection of 1,800 entertainment options, 18-inch HD-enabled personalised LCD and noise-cancelling headphones. Not to forget, the B777 Singapore Airlines Business Class KrisWorld offers a huge collection of movies and TV series. 

The crew service of 777 Singapore Airlines business class is phenomenal and the Singapore Airlines business class menu is excellent. 

Tip: If you want to book cheap business class flights, then don’t forget to sign up for fare alerts and participate in Singapore Airlines business class 777 300 sales. 

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

The Singapore Airlines Business Class seats of this aircraft are made especially using full grain leather by Poltrona Frau, arranged in 1-2-1 configuration. Singapore Airlines business class A380 has another special feature – your one seat comes with multiple storage compartments, that not only make it easy for you to reach out to your things but also help in easy and effective storage. 

The Singapore Airlines inflight entertainment is amazing with 18 inches touchscreen monitor and other amenities like noise-cancelling headphones. 

Further, Singapore Airline A380 Business Class has a world-class menu with personalised dinnertime and Book The Cook Meal options. You can even use their digital in-flight menu, to see what food, drink, amenities, and snacks will be available to you during your flight up to eight days in advance.

Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class

The A350 Singapore Airlines Business Class has two seat layouts. In the first layout, Singapore Airlines a350 900 business class has a pitch of 60 and a bed length of 78. There are a total of 42 flatbed seats. In the second layout, Singapore Airlines business class a350 900 has a pitch of  60, a width of 28 and 40 flatbed seats. 

The Singapore Airlines a350-900 business class gives you access to other amenities such as priority check-in, inflight-free wifi, a first-class menu and dining options. Also, if you are a Krisflyer member, you get access to additional content and entertainment options. 

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Singapore Airlines 787 Business Class

The Singapore Airlines Business Class reviews for 787 have been positive, especially with reference to short-haul flights. The business class Singapore Airline seats are comfortable but not that wide and private. However, the amenity kit is really cute with all the necessary items like lip balm and facial mist. Further, no matter the length of your flight, you get a massive pillow and blanket to make the most of your sky time. 

Singapore Airlines Business Class Baggage Allowance 

Flying business class with Singapore Airlines? Here’s a compilation of  business class Singapore Airlines baggage allowance – 

Business Class Weight Concept ( for flights except USA and Canada) 
Baggage Allowance PPS Club Members KrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold members
40 Kg Additional: 40 Kg
Total: 80 Kg 
Additional: 20 Kg
Total: 60 Kg 

Wondering what if you are on a USA to India flight like Chicago to India Flights? 

Business Class Piece Concept ( for flights to & from USA and Canada only) 
Baggage Allowance PPS Club Members KrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold members
2 pieces, up to 32Kg each2 additional pieces, up
to 32Kg each
1 additional piece, up to 32Kg each

That’s all about baggage allowance business class Singapore Airlines! 

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Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge

Let’s have a quick look at the amenities offered by the lounge of Singapore Airlines Business Class –

  • Comfortable Seating: Lounge areas are furnished with comfortable seating options, including plush armchairs and sofas.
  • Dining Options: Business class lounges feature a selection of gourmet food and beverages, including hot meals, snacks, desserts, and a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Business Facilities: Facilities such as workstations with internet access, printers, and meeting rooms are available for business travellers.
  • Spa and Wellness: Some lounges may offer spa services such as massages, facials, and showers to refresh before or after a flight.
  • Entertainment: Lounges often provide entertainment options such as TVs, magazines, newspapers, and sometimes even quiet areas for relaxation.
  • Children’s Play Area: Family-friendly lounges may include designated areas for children to play and relax.
  • Concierge Services: Dedicated staff are available to assist with travel arrangements, flight information, and other services.
  • WiFi and Connectivity: Complimentary WiFi is usually available throughout the lounge, allowing passengers to stay connected.
  • Quiet Zones: Some lounges offer designated quiet zones for passengers who prefer a peaceful environment.

Other Airlines With Best Business Class Services

Conclusion –

Whether it’s a350 900 Singapore Airlines business class or Singapore Airlines 777 300er business class, Singapore Airlines has never failed to provide the best services to its customers. Being one of the top 6 airlines with cheap business class flights, this airline has always been a combo of comfort, convenience and affordable prices. 

Hope this guide was helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the configuration of Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 300er business class?

A: With a total of 264 seats, the business class Singapore Airlines 777 300er has a seat configuration of 1-2-1 with business class having direct aisle seat access.

Q: Which are the best seats in Singapore Airlines business class a350?

A: Out of the 253 ( Long Haul), 161 ( Ultra Long Range) and 303 ( Medium Haul) seats of A350 business class Singapore Airlines the best ones can be found in Row 11 due to less noise as compared to other parts of the aircraft. Also, the Airbus A350 900 Singapore Airlines business class has a total of 40 Business class seats.

Q: Which business class is the best for long flights?

A: For long-haul flights like Adelaide to India flights, we recommend you to travel in Singapore Airlines b777 business class since it has one of the best seating options providing utmost comfort throughout your journey. Not only the seating but also the in-flight entertainment and food options available are worth the cost.

Q: Is there a bar in business class Singapore Airlines A380?

A: Yes, there’s an amazing stock of fine wine, beer and elegant cocktails waiting for you in Singapore Airlines a380 800 business class!

Q: Can I get a cheap Singapore Business Class ticket price?

A: By booking your flights with us, you can get affordable tickets as per your budget. Also, by following tips like booking in advance, keeping track of discount alerts and making use of free upgrades, you can get cheap business-class flights.

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