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Imagine flying high above the clouds, surrounded by blue skies, & enjoying your favorite movies, TV shows, music, & games right from your seat. That’s the experience Singapore Airlines offers with their in flight entertainment. From takeoff to landing, they ensure your journey is not just about travelling, but about having fun. In this blog, you will explore the amazing features that make Singapore Airlines’ in flight entertainment so special. Get ready to see how they turn your flight into an exciting adventure in the sky.


A World of Entertainment with KrisWorld

KrisWorld, Singapore Airlines inflight entertainment system, is designed to keep you entertained throughout your flight. With over 1,900 options, including the latest blockbuster movies, TV shows, music albums, & interactive games, there’s something for everyone.

Movies and TV Shows 

Whether you’re a fan of Hollywood blockbusters or the latest TV series, Singapore Airlines films have you covered. Enjoy a selection of the newest releases and classic favorites, ensuring that every passenger can find something to watch. From the latest hits like “Dune: Part Two” to timeless classics, an extensive library is available​ ​​(Singapore Airlines)​. You can always find updated Singapore Airlines Movie lists and TV shows on their official site.

singapur Movies and TV Shows 

Music and Audio

For Singapore Airline music lovers, KrisWorld offers over 770 music albums spanning various genres. You can relax to soothing tunes or discover new artists. Additionally, Singapore Airlines has curated special playlists available on KrisWorld & Spotify, so you can start enjoying their music even before your flight​.

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KrisWorld isn’t just about passive entertainment – it also offers interactive fun. Passengers can play a variety of games directly from their devices, including popular titles like Wordler & Snake Challenge. This feature ensures that passengers of all ages can stay entertained​. 

Guide to Singapore Airlines InFlight Entertainment

Stay Connected with In-Flight Wi-Fi

For those who need to stay connected while flying, WiFi Singaporeair plans to suit different needs. KrisFlyer members, especially those in premium cabins, can enjoy unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi, while other passengers can purchase plans ranging from a 1-hour to a full-flight plan. The prices are reasonable, starting at USD 3.99 for one hour of access​. 

How to Connect

Once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude, passengers can connect to the KrisWorld network and follow the instructions to get online. It’s a simple process that allows you to stay connected with work, friends, or family while on the air​.

Personalized Entertainment Experience

Singapore Airlines takes personalized entertainment to the next level. With the SingaporeAir mobile app, passengers can create a custom playlist of movies, shows, & music before their flight. This feature, known as myKrisWorld, ensures that your favorite content is ready to enjoy as soon as you board​ ​.

Exclusive Content and Features

Singapore Airlines continuously updates KrisWorld with new & exclusive content. Passengers can access live TV channels to stay updated with current affairs or enjoy live sports events. There’s also a digital library offering a range of magazines and newspapers, providing plenty of reading material for those who prefer it​ .

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Singapore inflight entertainment system offers a comprehensive range of options designed to make your journey as enjoyable as possible. From the latest Singapore Airline movies and TV shows to an extensive music library & interactive games, there’s something for every traveler. Combine this with robust in-flight connectivity, & you have a seamless entertainment experience that ensures your flight is both productive & entertaining. For more detailed information & updates on the latest entertainment options available on your flight, visit the Singapore Airlines entertainment page​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Singapore Airlines have wifi?

A: Yes, Singapore Airlines offers Wi-Fi on many of its flights​.

Q: What is the Singapore Airlines 24 hours call center Australia phone number?

A: The 24-hour call center phone number for Singapore Airlines in Australia is +61 2 7209 4388​.

Q: What is the inflight menu Singapore Airlines?

A: The inflight menu on Singapore Airlines varies depending on the route, class of service, and time of day. It typically includes a range of Asian and international dishes, snacks, & beverages. You can find specific menu details on the airline’s website or by contacting them directly.

Q: Singapore Airlines contact number?

A: You can contact Singapore Airlines at their general customer service number: +65 6223 8888.

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That’s all we have for you regarding the Singapore Airlines Inflight Entertainment! 

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