Air India Is Adopting Sustainable Travel – Introduced TaxiBot Operations & Minimized Single-Use Plastic

Air India Is Adopting Sustainable-Travel

Last updated on Jun 6th, 2023 by Renu Dahiya

In this modern-day tourism, people move and travel more than ever. This imposes great risks on our environment. That is precisely why the concept of sustainable travel or tourism is getting popular and essential. It majorly focuses on the concept of leaving a place even better than we found it. While COVID has upended the $8 trillion global travel industry, the pandemic has also paved the way for tourism and hospitality professionals to reflect, rethink & reshape the sector, making it better – and ultimately more sustainable – for people and places around the world. 

Travelling sustainably actually means the adoption of sustainable practices with the aim of minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing the positive effects of travel and tourism.

What Did UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili Have To Say?

Sustainability must no longer be a niche part of tourism but the new norm for every part of our sector. That means an opportunity to build back better and create an industry that is more resilient and aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Sustainability Is In Growing Demand

While the term “sustainable travel” is tossed around with increasing frequency, many professionals have only a vague understanding of what sustainability really means. Essentially, it refers to travel & tourism that supports the natural and cultural heritage – as well as the economic viability – of destinations. Not only is sustainability important for our collective future, but travellers are demanding it. According to the sources, more than half (53%) of global travellers want to travel sustainably in the future. 

Companies seeing more eco-conscious mindsets from 2021, as the coronavirus has amped people’s awareness of their impact on the environment and local communities. In fact, more than two-thirds (70%) of respondents anticipated that the travel industry will offer more sustainable travel options. It is true as some of the major airlines took various steps towards sustainability in travel. And, recently, Air India has announced to introduce TaxiBot operations for commercial flights which is an eco-friendly way to save fuel.

Air India’s Essential Step Towards Sustainable Travel –  Introducing TaxiBot Operations For Commercial Flights

Air India, India’s leading airline and a Star Alliance member has signed an agreement with KSU Aviation to launch TaxiBot operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi & Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru for its Airbus A320 Family of aircraft. 

The strategic partnership is aligned with Air India’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, as the adoption of TaxiBots envisages a potential saving of 15000 tonnes in fuel consumption over the next three years. This semi-robotic equipment, the TaxiBot, once attached to the aircraft, acts as an extension of the aircraft’s nose landing gear. It is used to tow aircraft from the airport terminal gate to the taxi-out point and to tow aircraft from the terminal gate after landing (taxi-in phase) without utilizing the aircraft’s engines, thus saving jet fuel. This pioneering technology curbs fuel consumption, carbon emissions, noise levels, as well as costs for airlines. 

Official Statement by CEO & MD of Air India

Air India’s CEO and MD, Campbell Wilson said, “As a responsible airline, Air India is constantly looking for ways to improve sustainability and manage our carbon footprint, the development of TaxiBots is one more example of our commitment to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. This collaboration with KSU will allow us to better assess the capabilities of TaxiBots and potentially lead to greater deployment across Air India’s subsidiaries and other airports.

Air India is investing in efficiency measures to adopt sustainability as part of its regular fleet operations – including inducting new aircraft, better procedures, and driving operations with the deployment of innovative technology. Last year, the Air India group entered a Memorandum of Understanding with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) – Indian Institute of Petroleum to collaborate on the research, development, and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs).

Director of KSU Aviation Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Ashwani Khanna, said – We are excited about the formal induction of TaxiBot as part of Air India’s focused approach to address its carbon footprint. Air India is undergoing a massive transformation and has adopted sustainable practices as an integral part of this journey. We are committed to partner with like-minded organizations like Air India to leverage modern-day technology in reducing carbon footprint and accelerate the pursuit of being net zero.

Another Insight – Air India To Minimise Single-Use Plastic On All Flights

Across its worldwide network, Air India has lowered the usage of single-use plastic by 80% on board all flights, the airline informed on Friday, April 21, 2023. Among the steps taken to achieve the feat are the replacement of plastic straws with paper straws, plastic zip lock bags for cutlery with paper packaging, plastic stirrers with wooden ones, and the introduction of reusable linen bags in the flights. In addition to compostable waste bags, the airline has also introduced 100% compostable PET lids and primary-use plastic bags.

Also, from all economy class seat pockets, Air India has completely removed 500 ml plastic water bottles. This step is in addition to a significant reduction in the bulk uplift of 200 ml water bottles on international as well as domestic flights (which are now only served on pre-set meal trays). The airline has also introduced a water pour service from one-litre water bottles during fights.

Air India continues to integrate environmental and social principles in its businesses with its goal of becoming one of the world’s most environmentally sensitive organizations. 

That is almost everything we have to update you on these recent announcements made by Air India. 

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Earth has provided us with enough, now it’s payback time. Let’s make our planet a better place to live for the next generation!

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