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Are you due to apply for an Australian passport? Is yours due for a renewal or is damaged? There is a lot of information about the process available online and it can be difficult for people to parse through it. We explain everything you need to know from how to fill out the Australian passport application form to how to renew a passport after expiry. 

Let’s begin with the basics.

How to Apply for an Australian Passport?

You can apply for a passport in Australia or from outside Australia. You can apply online or through the post. If you intend to travel internationally or stay in a foreign country, you will need a valid passport. You may also want to make a passport to have another government-identifying document on hand. 

The passport application process is fairly streamlined. Here’s a look at the different options available:

1. Applying for an Australian Passport Online 

The online passport application is the easiest and most convenient way. You need to fill out an online form, post the required documents to the passport office, and then get your new passport mailed to you. If you are applying for a new passport in Australia, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Collect the Documents 

You will need identifying documents that prove your citizenship and confirm your place of birth as well as gender while filling out the Australian passport application form online. You will also need an ID with your photo signature, and current address. 

If you have changed your name or transitioned, you will need documents to prove the change of name and gender. Applications also need to provide two passport photographs according to the guidelines established by the passport office.

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Step 2. Getting a Guarantor

If you aren’t renewing an old passport, you will need to provide a referee or guarantor who has known you for more than a year and isn’t a relative or living in the same house as you. This can be a neighbour, family friend, school teacher, office colleague, etc. 

The guarantor must be an Australian citizen and must provide their full name, telephone number, their Australian passport details, or their address according to their electoral roll in the past 12 months. 

If you are applying for an Australian passport online and are in Australia, the referee doesn’t need to sign anything and only needs to confirm your identity. If you’re not applying online and are in Australia, the guarantor will need to sign your application form and endorse the back of your passport photograph. 

You only need a guarantor or referee if you are applying for a fresh passport and haven’t had it before. The process for passport renewal is slightly different. 

Step 3. Fill out the Application Form for the Australian Passport 

You need to create an AusPassport account to fill out an application for an Australian passport. This account will keep track of your passport and application status. You don’t need to fill out the form all at once. Take your time and make sure there are no errors in it. When you fill in the particulars, the form will tell you what kind of documents you need. 

Once you have filled out the entire form, the website will provide a printable copy. You need to print it and submit a physical copy along with your passport photos and original documents in person.

We recommend checking the form carefully and making sure there are no errors before clicking submit. If there are errors, your Australia passport application will be rejected and you will have to go through the entire process again. You can request corrections if you notice any errors in your passport. 

Step 4. Schedule an Appointment 

The next step is to schedule an appointment to drop the form and documents off in person. You can lodge your application and pay the fee at a nearby Australia Post office but make sure the outlet is participating first. You should be able to find the nearest outlet on the Australia Post website. Schedule an appointment on the AusPost website if necessary before dropping the papers off. 

Your packet should contain the printed Australian passport application form, the original documents required, and your application checklist form, which includes a checklist of everything you have included in the packet. 

It can take up to six weeks for a new passport to be issued unless there is an issue with your application. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will contact you if they need more information regarding your application for the passport.  

Step 5. Receive Your Passport

Once your passport is ready, you will receive it by post or you can pick it up in person from the nearest passport office to your official residence. You will be notified via email or SMS that your passport is ready. If you wish to receive the passport by post, the passport will arrive at your address around three weeks after you receive an email or SMS. 

2. Applying for a Passport at Post Office 

If you’re unable or unwilling to apply for a passport online, you can apply for a passport at the post office. If you wish to apply at the post office, steps 1 and 2 from the previous point still apply. Once you have collected all the documents and gotten a guarantor, you can visit your nearest participation post office to get your application form. 

The post office will provide a blank passport application form to fill. Read the instructions carefully and make sure you have all the required documents ready. Here’s what you need to do for passport application with the post:

  • Ask for the ‘Application for an Australian Passport form’ at the participating AusPost outlet. 
  • The form for adult applicants will be green. 
  • Once your form and required documents are ready, book an appointment with the AusPost outlet. 
  • Drop off your documents and pay the required fee. 
  • The required documents include passport photos, original documents, and the checklist provided with your application form. 

Once your passport is ready, you will receive a notification and it will be either shipped to your residence or will be available for pickup at the nearest Passport office. 

3. Apply for a Child Passport in Australia 

The process to apply for an Australian passport for a child is different from the process for adults. Here’s a look at how you can apply for your child:

Step 1. Collect all Required Documents 

To apply for a child passport in Australia, you will need some specific documents like:

  • The child’s birth certificate.
  • Documents that prove the child is an Australian citizen. 
  • Documents to support any change of name. 
  • If applicable, court orders to prove who has parental authority over the child. 
  • Two passport photographs. Make sure they are according to the guidelines provided by the department. 

Keep these documents on hand while you’re filling out the form and bring them with you when you lodge your application at the post outlet. 

Step 2. Ask Someone to be a Guarantor

Someone needs to act as a guarantor and sign Section 11 of the children’s passport application in Australia. They must also sign the back of the passport photo and state clearly that it is a true photo with the child’s full name.

The guarantor should be an Australian citizen and should know the child applicant for more than a year or since their birth if they are younger than a year old. This individual shouldn’t be:

  • Related to the child
  • Living in the same residence as the child
  • The guardian or someone with parental responsibility for the child
  • In a relationship with someone who has parental responsibility for the child. 

Step 3. Complete the Australian Children’s Passport Application Form

The next step is to fill in the passport application form in Australia. Make sure you have all of the documents required ready before you start filling up the form. 

  • Create an AusPassport account and fill out the online application form.
  • The form should mention what kind of documents you will need to carry with you when you lodge the application. 
  • You can also apply for an Australian passport through the local participating AusPost office. The form for child applicants will be Purple.
  • Parents or guardians need to consent to the application. All consenting parties must sign section 15 of the form in front of a witness. There are specific instructions available on the website in case one of the guardians or parents isn’t present. 
  • If the child is older than 10, they also need to sign section 16. 

Once the Aussie passport application form is complete, double-check to see if there are any errors before clicking the submit button. You will get a completed form to print and carry with you to lodge the application. 

Step 4. Lodging The Application 

After you have completed the form, good an appointment with the nearest participating AusPost outlet. You can drop the application form, two passport photographs of the child applicant, and the original documents requested along with the passport application checklist. 

You will also need your proof of identity that includes all important details like name, address, photograph, and signature. 

If the child is 16-17 years old, be sure to bring them along with you to the post office passport booking appointment. 

When the passport is ready, you will receive an email or an SMS. You can either pick the passport up at the local passport office or have it mailed to your residence. It will take 3 weeks after you received confirmation for the passport to reach you by mail. 

4. Passport Renewal in Australia 

If you want to get an Australian passport renewal, the process is similar to the case online application. You need to open an AusPassport account and submit your application through the portal. 

Renewing a passport at the post office is different because you will require a pre-filled form and that’s not available at AusPost. You need to call 131 232 and request a pre-filled form first. After that, you can drop the completed packet along with the required documents at the post outlet. 

If you’re residing outside of Australia and can’t complete the application online, contact your nearest Australian consulate or diplomatic mission. You can only apply to renew passport online in Australia if you fulfill the conditions mentioned below:

  • Your previous passport was issued when you were sixteen or older. 
  • It was issued after January 1, 2006. 
  • When the previous passport was issued, it had at least two years of validity. 
  • Your previous passport has your current name, gender, birth date, and place of birth. 
  • The passport hasn’t been stolen, lost, or cancelled. 

If you can’t fulfil any of the conditions mentioned above, you need to go through the full passport application process that we described before. You will also need to go through a fresh application process if you need passport renewal from child to adult.

5. Renew Expired Australian Passport

Ideally, you should renew your passport 6 months or a year before it is set to expire, especially if you intend to travel internationally during that time. It is too much of a hassle to renew it at the last moment and can adversely affect your travel plans. 

It is possible to renew an expired passport but it must be done within three years of expiry. You may have to go through the entire passport renewal process if you wait too long after expiry. 

6. Lost Passport in Australia 

If you lose a passport in Australia, you need to report it lost or stolen immediately. You can do this by visiting your nearest passport office or calling 131 232. You may need to make an appointment to file the report. 

Once you have filed the lost Australian passport report, you can start the new passport issue process. 

If the passport is lost or stolen overseas, getting a replacement can seem like an intimidating process. However, you only need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Report the loss to your nearest Australian embassy or consulate. You may need to get an appointment for it. 
  • Pay the overseas replacement fee and a surcharge for the Australian lost passport. 

If you have lost your passport or suspect it is stolen, don’t panic. There are resources in place to help you. 

Well, this is everything you need to know about Australian passport application online or through the post. You can get more detailed information from the passport office website. As long as you follow all the steps recommended, you will be able to get your passport quickly. 


Q. Can I renew my Australian passport online?

A. Yes, you can renew a passport online. There will be a prefilled form available and you just need to provide supporting documents to get things done. 

Q. How much for a Australian passport, I have to pay?

A. The fees depend on the type of passport and whether you want to renew or replace your old one. Here’s a brief fee breakdown:

  • 10-year Adult Passport (New and Renewed) – $308
  • 5-Year Adult Passport for people over 75 – $155
  • Emergency Overseas Passport – $193
  • Replacement Passport – $193
  • Standard Overseas Surcharge – $138
  • Priority Passport Processing Charge – $225
  • Child’s Passport Fee – $155
  • Overseas Surcharge on Child’s Passport – $67
  • Priority Charge on Child’s Passport – $225
  • Adult Passport for Children aged 16/17 – $308

We recommend looking at the most recent passport fees in AUS on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. The rates mentioned above are current as of May 2022. All of the costs are in Australian dollars.

Q. How long does it take to get a passport Australia?

A. It can take up to six weeks to get a new passport. Passport renewal is usually carried out in two weeks but you can speed the process up by paying an additional fee. With the surcharge, you may be able to get a passport in 2 business days if you pick it up in person from the nearest passport office. 

That’s everything you need to know about Australian passport application! However, if you’re looking for the renewal procedure, here’s everything you need to know about renewing your Indian passport in Australia.

Don’t be intimidated by any of these processes. Once you get started, you can complete the application quickly and get your new passport in a matter of weeks. 

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