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Indian Consulate in Sydney

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The Consulate of India in Sydney is a representative of the Indian government in Sydney, Australia. It is set up to support Indian nationals visiting or residing in Sydney. It also helps Australian nationals travel to India or explore different trade opportunities there. It can be a little difficult for people to figure out what kind of services the Consulate offers. Let’s have a concise look at what you can expect from the Consulate in Sydney.

Consular Services Outsourced to VFS 

Some of the important Consular Services are outsourced to VFS. You need to approach your nearest VFS centre or visit the VFS website to apply or make enquiries regarding the services mentioned below. 

1. Passport 

If you want to renew your passport, apply for a new one, or request a replacement for a lost, stolen, or damaged passport, you need to submit an application to your nearest VFS centre instead of visiting the Consulate of India in Sydney. The services provided include:

  • New Passport – Applying for a new passport for its expiry date. We encourage people to apply at least a year in advance to avoid problems caused by delays. 
  • Lost/Damaged Passport – If you have lost or damaged your passport, you need to apply to replace it quickly. We recommend filing a police report if your passport is lost or stolen. You may need additional documents at the time of application.  
  • First Passport – Applying for the first passport of a minor (under the age of 18.)
  • Renewing the Passport of a Minor – If your minor’s passport expires before they are 18 years old, you can renew it at the VFS centre. 
  • Add or Delete Spouse – You can submit an application to add a spouse’s name to the passport after marriage or remove it after separation at the VFS portal.  
  • Changing Details – You can change personal details on the passport like name, address, name after marriage or divorce, and even appearance.
  • Police Clearance Certificate – Countries will only grant you leave to emigrate into their territory if they’re certain you have no entanglement or pending issues with the Indian police in the past or present. 
  • Surrender of Passports – This is for Indian nationals who have been granted citizenship of Australia or any other country. The Indian Constitution doesn’t allow dual citizenship so you will need to surrender your passport. The Indian High Commission in Sydney has granted VFS the leave to accept surrendered passports. 

The passport approval process can take anywhere between four to eight weeks. If the passport is lost, damaged, or stolen, the application approval process can take anywhere between eight weeks and four months. 

2. Visa 

Anything aside from the emergency and e-visa is granted by the VFS portal. If Australian national wishes to visit India, they can submit an application to their nearest VFS centre with all of the required documents. Australian nationals in Sydney can apply for the visa and get it within five days. However, foreign nationals applying for an Indian visa in Australia may have to wait a little longer. 

The VFS centre is authorized by the Indian Consulate in Sydney to provide different kinds of passports, including:

  • Business 
  • Conference
  • Emergency
  • Employment
  • Entry 
  • Film 
  • Intern 
  • Journalist 
  • Medical and/or Medical Attendant 
  • Research 
  • Student 
  • Tourist 
  • Transit 

Pakistan nationals in Australia can apply for a visit visa through the VFS portal as well. The Consulate reserves the right to request additional documentation from any applicant if necessary. You will receive an email with this request directly from the official email address. 

3. Overseas Citizenship Certificate of India 

Many Indian nationals settled abroad wanted some form of recognition from the Indian Government. They also wanted an easier way to remain in touch with their roots without having to go through the visa application process repeatedly. 

In response to this request, the Indian Government introduced the Overseas Citizenship Certificate of India. It allows Indian nationals and people of Indian origin with different citizenship many benefits. They can enter India at any time for any purpose. They can purpose plantation or agricultural land in India if they wish to invest in it. While they aren’t allowed to vote or take up any constitutional office, they can visit the country and stay connected to their roots in different ways. 

Indians can only apply for this certificate if the country they are citizens of allows Dual Citizenship. 

4. Person of Indian Origin

The PIO card is now outdated and is replaced by the OCI Card. You can get your old PIO card replaced and submit the application for the Overseas Citizenship of India Card through the VFS portal. 

5. Attesting Documents 

Sometimes Indian nationals need official documents attested by the Indian Government or Consulate. You can submit these documents through the VFS portal as well. There’s no need to drop them off at the Indian Consulate General in Sydney. You can post the documents to the nearest VFS centre or drop them off personally. The process is mentioned on their website. 

6. Birth and Registration of Birth 

Individuals can register children born in Australia to Indian nationals or citizens with the Consulate. You can also submit an application for a fresh passport for the child if you wish to take them back to India. The specific documentation required for this application is mentioned on the VFS website as well. 

7. Requesting a Birth Certificate 

If an Indian national requires a copy of their Birth Certificate, they can submit an application with the VFS portal. The certificate will be delivered to their address or they can pick it up from the centre at the scheduled time. Indian nationals can request a copy of their marriage certificate similarly as well.

8. Parent’s Applying for a Minor’s Passport Affidavit 

If one parent is in Australia and the other is in India, both parents need to consent for the minor to get a passport. The parent in Australia can request an affidavit from the VFS centre to allow the parent in India to apply for a minor child’s passport. 

Consular Services Provided by The Consulate General of India in Sydney

The Consulate doesn’t outsource all of the services to VFS. Some are handled directly by the organization. You can browse through the organization’s website to understand the procedures required to access the services mentioned below:

1. Emergency Certificate

Life can be a bit unpredictable and sometimes you need to return to your home country urgently but lack the documentation to do so. In such cases, you can apply for an emergency certificate with the Consulate in Sydney. This service is only available if:

  • Your Indian passport is no longer valid or has expired and your visa has expired as well. In this case, it is illegal to remain in Australia and you must return to India immediately. 
  • If your visa has expired but you have misplaced or damaged your passport, an emergency certificate can help you get back home. 
  • The Australian Government retains the right to deport foreign nationals if they violate the laws of the country or have entered it without proper documentation. If you are deported and don’t have a valid passport, the Indian Consulate will provide an emergency certificate. 

You must leave the country immediately after you get the certificate, which is granted within a day. It is a good idea to be prepared for departure before applying for the EC. 

2. Life Certificate

Some people have moved to Australia but still draw a pension from companies or organizations in India. In such cases, you need to provide proof of life to show that you’re eligible to receive the pension. The Consulate General in Sydney does provide this certificate. All you need to do is book an appointment and carry the right documentation with you on the appointment. The Certificate can then be sent back to India so you get access to your pension.

3. Certificate for Transporting Remains 

If an Indian national passes away on Australian soil, their loved ones can either cremate them in Australia or transport the body back to India for funeral rights. If you need to send the ashes or body back to India, you need a Certificate for Transporting the remains back. 

You will need to submit several documents to the Consulate along with your application, including the deceased’s passport, death certificate, non-communicable disease certificate, and more. The Consulate will do its best to help you through the entire application process.

4. Death Certificate

If someone dies in Australia and is an Indian citizen, they need an official death certificate from the Indian Consulate in Sydney. You need to submit an application along with the deceased individual’s passport and a death certificate from the DFAT with the Apostille stamp. The document is processed within a working day if you pick it up in person. If you wish for the certificate to be sent to your address, the wait time can be up to a week. 

Indian Consulate in Sydney Open Hours

If you wish to visit the Consulate, it is best to first look at their website carefully to ensure your concerns can’t be addressed elsewhere. For example, submitting the passport application should be done through VFS centres. Once you have confirmed that you do need to book an appointment, call the Consulate to request one. 

The office is open Monday to Friday except for any public holidays. You can Visit The Consulate General of India, Sydney Website to get full list of public holidays

  • Office Working Hours – 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM
  • Reception Hours – 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 1.30 PM to 4.00 PM

Applications for miscellaneous consular services can be submitted between 9.30 AM and 12.30 PM on working days. 

This is everything you need to know about the Indian Consulate in Sydney. If you need to know more or have any specific queries, visit the Consulate’s website and its FAQ page.


Q. What is the Sydney Indian Consulate’s jurisdiction?

Ans. The Consulate in Sydney has jurisdiction over New South Wales and South Australia. People residing in these areas can visit the consulate with their concerns. People residing outside these areas will need to visit the Indian consulate near them. 

Q. Can I contact the consulate for e-tourist visa enquiries?

Ans. e-tourist visas are processed directly in India so the Consulate can’t provide any updates regarding the matter. If you wish to make enquiries or apply for an e-tourist visa, contact or directly. You can also call +91 11-243-006-66.

Q. Does the consulate provide an emergency passport or visa services?

Ans. The consulate does provide emergency visa services in the event of the death or serious illness of an immediate family member. Emergency passport services aren’t offered at the Sydney Indian Consulate.

Q. What is Open House at the Consulate?

Ans. Every Thursday between 3.00 PM and 4.00 PM, the Consulate in Sydney holds something called the Open House. This is an initiative implemented by the Indian government for the convenience of Indian citizens abroad. It allows Indian nationals to visit the consulate during the Open House with any grievance related to passport, visa, and other consular services. 

We hope we could summarise the services you can expect from the Consulate General of India in Sydney well. 

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Hope it helps! 

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