Consular Services Provided by the Indian Consulate in Melbourne

Indian Consulate in Melbourne

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The Indian Consulate in Melbourne is a representative of the Indian Government in Australia. The organization protects the interests of Indian nationals visiting or residing in Melbourne or regions around the city. It provides a wide range of services that a traveller may need at any point of their journey to the country. 

1. Passport Services at Consulate General of India

The Consulate has outsourced all of the passport services to VFS Global so you need to submit your application through that platform. The services offered include:

  • New Passport – Renewing its passport before its expiry date. We recommend renewing it at least a year before the date. 
  • Lost/Damaged Passport – Reporting a lost or damaged passport and requesting a replacement. You will need additional documents along with the standard application process. 
  • First Passport – Application for the first passport of a minor (under 18 years of age at the time of the application.)
  • Renewing the Passport of a Minor – Application to renew the passport of an individual under 18 years of age. 
  • Add or Delete Spouse – Application to add a spouse’s name and details after marriage or delete them after separation. 
  • Change – Change of address, name, name post marriage or divorce, and appearance. These applications also need to be submitted through the VFS portal. 
  • Police Clearance Certificate – If you wish to emigrate to a different country, you can apply for the Police Clearance Certificate to prove you have never been involved or detained by the Indian Police. 
  • Surrender of Passports – Indian Laws don’t allow dual citizenship. If you have been granted citizenship in Australia, you need to surrender your passport and renunciate your Indian citizenship to the Indian High Commission in Melbourne. 
  • Background Verification for US Global Entry Program – This document is similar to the police verification and helps you become eligible for the US Global Entry Program. 

These are the passport services provided by VFS on behalf of the Indian High Commission in Australia. The process can take up to four weeks if the original passport was issued in Australia and eight weeks if the passport was issued elsewhere. 

If the old passport has been lost or damaged, the process can take anywhere between eight weeks to four months. The fees and other such details are mentioned on the VFS website. 

2. Visa Services

If you wish to visit India, you need to get a visa unless you are an Indian citizen with a valid passport. There are different kinds of visas issued for different purposes. The Indian High Commissioner in Australia has the authority to issue the following visas:

  • Business visa
  • Conference visa
  • Emergency visa
  • Employment visa
  • Entry visa
  • Film visa
  • Intern visa
  • Journalist visa
  • Medical/Medical Attendant visa
  • Research visa
  • Student visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa
  • Visit visa (for Pakistan Nationals)

All applications must be submitted to VFS with the required documents. Visa applications submitted by Australian nationals or citizens in Melbourne have a processing time of approximately five working days on average. 

Visa applications submitted by nations and citizens from other countries but applying in Australia may take longer to process. 

3. Overseas Citizenship of India Certificate

If you’re residing overseas and are a person of Indian origin, you can apply for Overseas Citizenship of India certificate. The application is only permitted if the country you are a citizen of allows dual citizenship. 

The certificate offers many advantages, including the ability to enter India for different purposes during your lifetime. It also allows these citizens to purchase plantation or agricultural land in India. 

However, the certificate won’t allow you the right to vote in Indian elections or allow you to participate in any sort of constitutional position and office. 

4. Person of Indian Origin Card

The PIO Card scheme has been withdrawn. In exchange, you can apply for the Overseas Citizen of India or OCI certificate. The application to do so is also processed by the VFS Global Centre.

After the application is processed, your PIO card will be converted to the OIC card and you can avail of its benefits. 

5. Attesting Documents 

If you need to get official documents attested, you need to apply for the service through VFS. You can send the documents through the post to your nearest VFS centre or visit it to drop them off in person. 

6. Birth Certificate 

The Indian High Commission in Australia will issue a Birth Certificate based on an Indian passport if necessary. If you have lost your Birth Certificate and need it for some official purpose in Australia, apply through the VFS portal. 

7. Registration of Birth 

If a child is born in Australia to Indian nationals, they need to be registered with the Indian government. You can also apply for a new passport for the child so they may be able to travel to India without any hindrance. 

8. Marriage Certificate

The Indian Consulate in Melbourne will also grant a Marriage Certificate to Indian nationals based on the details of their passport and the original marriage certificate. 

9. Affidavit of Parents Applying for a Minor’s Passport

If a parent in India is applying for a passport for a child whose other parent is in Australia, the parent in Australia must submit an affidavit that certifies that they have no objection. This allows the parent in India to go through with the passport application without facing issues. 

These are the services carried out through the VFS Global Centre. However, some services are handled by the Consulate of India in Melbourne directly. 

Services Offered by the Consulate 

1. Emergency Certificate 

If you need to return to India urgently and don’t have the proper documentation, you need an emergency certificate. This is a one-way travel permit that allows people to leave Australia and enter India without a valid passport. 

The service is only available to Indian nationals and under specific circumstances like:

  • Your passport has expired and your visa is no longer valid, which means it is illegal to remain in Australia. 
  • Your passport has been lost or damaged and your visa is no longer valid. 
  • You’ve been deported by the Australian government.

Under these circumstances, you can apply for an EC and get permission to leave without a passport quickly. 

2. Life Certificates

You may need a life certificate to claim a pension or other such benefits from India. The Consulate General of India can issue proof of life that you can submit to the relevant authorities to get access to the benefits. 

3. Death Certificate

If a loved one or friend dies in Australia but is an Indian national, you need to get a Death Certificate from the Consulate. The Consulate will also provide the documentation needed to transport the body or ashes to India. 

4. NRI Certificate

The Consulate can issue the Non-Resident Indian certificate to Indian nationals residing in Australia. This certificate allows you to sponsor someone to the NRI quota in India. 

This covers everything you need to know about the services provided by the Consulate General of India in Melbourne. You can visit the official website to get details on each service. 


Q. Can I submit my passport application in person?

Ans. No, all passport and visa applications are handled through VFS Global, the Indian Passport and Visa Services Centre. You will need to submit your documents and forms online and send physical copies of the same to the VFS Centre through the post. 

Q. When is the Consulate General of India office open?

Ans. The CGI office is open Monday to Friday (except for Public Holidays,) from 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM. However, the working hours for people who have an appointment and wish to visit the centre for miscellaneous consular services are 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM. 

Q. How do I know my passport application status?

Ans. Applicants can easily track their passport application status by visiting the VFS Global Australia site. You need to click on the ‘Track Your Application’ tab and enter your web reference number along with your date of birth to get the details. If the information isn’t available, applicants can call the helpline 03 8593 9124 between 9 AM and 3.30 PM AEST Monday to Friday. Email enquiries can also be made to

Q. How do I collect the passport?

Ans. You can collect the passport at the VFS centre personally or authorize someone else to collect it on your behalf. If that is not possible, the VFS centre can mail or courier the passport to you at an additional cost. 

Q. How do I book an appointment?

Ans. You can book an appointment for a passport and visa on the VFS Global website. For other miscellaneous consular services, you can call the Consulate General of India in Melbourne or email them for an appointment. However, it is important to check the website thoroughly before you call.  

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