Renewal of Indian Passport in Australia – Everything You Need to Know

Indian Passport Renewal In Australia

Posted on Apr 18th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Apr 18th, 2022

Do you wish to renew your Indian passport in Australia? The process is straightforward. The Indian government has done its best to streamline the application process and reduce the time it takes for citizens to get their passports. The passport application responsibilities have been outsourced to India Passport and Visa Services Centre or VFS Global. 

All applications must be sent to VFS and not the Indian High Commission or Consulate General. Let’s look at the process involved:

Applying for Indian Passport Renewal in Australia

If you wish to apply for a passport, the first thing you need to do is visit VFS Global. There is a step-by-step 

 You will find the online application form for Indian passport renewal in Australia on this website and nowhere else. 

1. Type of Passport Service Required

VFS Global provides a wide range of passport services, including changing names, genders, appearances, surrendering the passport upon Australian citizenship, and more. If you wish to renew or replace your passport, you need to choose one of the two options mentioned below:

  • New Passport (On Expiry of the Current Passport)
  • Lost/Damaged Passport

The process of applying for a new passport on expiry is different from replacing a lost or damaged passport so pick a service carefully. If you do wish to replace a lost or damaged passport, you may need additional documents.

2. Documents Required for Indian Passport Renewal in Australia

The passport application is only complete if you submit the required documents alongside it. The documents required will vary based on the type of passport application. For example, applying to replace a minor’s passport will require a few additional documents. Here’s a list of the documents you will need:

  • Two recent passport photographs according to the government specifications. 
  • Current original passport (unless the applicant has lost their passport or is a minor and applying for their first passport).
  • Proof of current Visa Status (Visa sticker, Visa Grant Notice, VEVO).
  • Printed and filled out Passport Application Form.
  • Duly filled Personal Particular Form.
  • Printed and Filled Checklist for Indian Passport renewal in Australia.
  • Appointment letter if you intend to drop the form off in person. 

You can find the checklist for renewal on the VFS Global website. On the checklist, you will find a list of additional documents required if you need to change any particular details about your passport information like address, marital status, name, gender, appearance, signature, etc. 

If you don’t submit these additional documents, your new passport will remain unaltered and contain all of the details in your previous passport. 

Once you have filled out the form, doublechecked all of the information, made note of the documents you need, and fill out any additional forms, print everything so you have physical copies. Stick your photographs and sign the required pages as mentioned on the checklist, verify the details again and then click submit. 

3. Scheduling an Appointment

After you have completed the online application form for Indian passport renewal in Australia, it is time to schedule an appointment with the VFS centre to drop off the physical copies of your form and documents. 

Once your appointment request is accepted, you will get a confirmation email along with a Letter of Appointment. You need to print the Letter of Appointment and carry the copy with you on the day it is scheduled. You will only gain access upon producing the letter. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

  • Arrive approximately 15-20 minutes before the scheduled appointment as you will need to go through security. 
  • Only the applicant is granted access to the centre. Minors can be accompanied by their parent or guardian. 
  • Bring all of the documents, including the printed application form and passport photographs. 
  • Incomplete or incorrect documents won’t be accepted. You may need to schedule an appointment again. 

If you miss the appointment, you may need to schedule another one but can only do so 24 hours after your original scheduled date and time. After this, the application is in the system and you just need to wait for a notification from the centre to come to pick it up. 

4. Indian Passport Renewal Fees in Australia

The fees can change depending on the exchange rates and are revised every month. At the time of the application, use the Fee Calculator provided to calculate how much you need to pay.

You can expect a fee of over $100 for a basic passport with 36 pages paid through a credit card. The fee calculator can provide the most accurate estimate based on your specific details and the application centre’s requirements. Always double-check the Indian passport renewal cost in Australia before submitting the application. You can make the payment during your appointment in person. 

5. Indian Passport Renewal in Australia Processing Time

The Indian passport renewal time in Australia depends on several different factors. Here’s a look at the approximate timelines provided by the Consulate. We encourage applications to not make any travel plans or book tickets unless they have the renewed passport in hand. 

4 Weeks – In Australia – Same Consulate 

If you are applying for passport renewal in Australia and at the same consulate that handled your previous passport renewal/issue, the application will be processed in approximately four weeks. 

This means that if you renewed or got the passport from the Consulate General in Sydney and are applying from the same location again, your passport will be processed within four weeks. 

Eight Weeks – Outside Australia – Different Consulate

If you are applying for renewal but your previous passport was issued by a Consulate outside Australia or a different consulate in Australia, the processing time will be eight weeks. 

This means that if your previous passport was issued by a Consulate in Melbourne or Mumbai but you now reside in Sydney, your application will require eight weeks. 

Lost or damaged passport renewal also requires eight weeks. 

It is important to remember that you need to apply from your current place of residence. If you lived in Melbourne before but currently live in Sydney, you will need to apply from Sydney. This is applicable even if you apply for an Indian passport renewal in Australia online and handle everything by post. 

Renew Indian Child Passport in Australia

The process for Indian passport renewal for minor in Australia is slightly different as the parents need to be involved. Parents will need to fill out the form correctly and if the child is too young to sign properly and consistently, you will need to add their thumb impression on the form, just below the photograph. 

Parents of a minor will also accompany them during the application appointment and can enter the centre building with them. 

The additional documents required include:

  • Annexure ‘C’ if the minor has one parent or guardian and the details of both parents can’t be submitted. 
  • Annexure ‘D’ if both parents’ details can be submitted. Both parents or all legal guardians must sign this form. 
  • Copies of the passports of both parents. 
  • Copies of the first and last visa pages of the parents, attested by a notary. 

Be sure to check the latest Passport checklist to see if there are any additional requirements to renew an Indian child’s passport in Australia. 

When you take a child’s picture for the passport, make sure they are awake and staring at the camera. Nothing should cover their mouth and you should be able to see both edges of the page. Make sure there’s no hair across the child’s eyes or any toys, blankets, etc, covering their face.

Urgent Indian Passport Renewal in Australia

The TATKAL or Urgent Passport processing service is currently unavailable. If you need to visit India urgently and your passport has expired, we recommend getting an Emergency Certificate from the Consulate. However, this certificate is only granted if you have a real emergency like the death or serious illness of a direct relative. 

You will need to wait for 4-8 weeks for non-emergency situations. 

Renewing Indian Passport in Australia By Post

If you don’t want to drop the application documents off in person or pick them up in person, there is a facility for renewal of Indian passport in Australia through the post. The process is fairly simple. You need to follow the guidelines mentioned above until your application form is complete and submitted online. 

Then, instead of booking an appointment with the VFS Centre, you need to send your application to the nearest IPVSC to your place of residence. You can send the package through post or courier but it must be sent to the designated P.O Box for your jurisdiction. 

For example, the GPO Box for Sydney is GPO Box 2892 SYDNEY NSW 2001, and the jurisdiction for this box is Australia – Sydney. 

Once the application is processed, your new passport will be sent to your place of residence through secure post or courier according to your preference. Make sure you send the correct documentation and pay the fees online during the application process. Incomplete documents and unpaid applications will be ignored and you will need to go through the entire process again.

This is all you need to know about renewing an Indian passport in Australia. We encourage applicants to visit the VFS Global website before they apply to review the process thoroughly once again. 


Q. Can I track my passport application?

Ans. Yes, you can track your application online and even get SMS or email alerts regarding your passport status if you opt in during the application process. 

Q. Can I submit my application to the consulate instead of the VFS Centre?

Ans. No, all passport applications and documentations need to be submitted to the VFS centre. The consulate doesn’t handle the passport applications for ordinary citizens. However, if you are a Diplomat, a representative of the UN, or any sort of International Governmental Organization employee, you need to submit the application directly to the High Commission or Consulate General in Australia. Contact the consulate directly to enquire before proceeding. 

Q. What if there’s an error in my passport? 

Ans. We encourage you to double-check your passport application carefully and thoroughly before submitting it. If you notice a mistake after you submit, it is best to notify VFS immediately so they may correct the error. However, if you see a mistake after you receive your passport, you may need to submit another application for the amendment or clarification of details along with a cover letter to explain the situation. The VFS team will send the edited passport back to your formal address soon after. 

Q. Can I renew my Indian Passport in Australia after it has expired?

Ans. It is best practice to renew your Indian passport a year before it is set to expire. That can help you avoid any last-minute complications and you can have a fresh passport ready before the expiry date. However, if you have been delayed for some reason, you can still renew your passport. Submit the application along with a notarised or attested letter to explain the reason for the delay. You won’t be able to travel until you have a renewed passport in hand. You will need to submit Form I alongside your application. 

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