Shipra Travels LLC charges a booking fee of approximately $26 per person on almost all types of tickets, be it domestic or international. This charge may vary and is liable to change without notice. The total price that gets reflected is the sum of all the taxes, fees, and discounts. You reserve the right to not make the purchase if you feel the price is unacceptable.

Billing: Your credit card may be billed in multiple charges not surpassing the aggregate sum. All transaction service fees are 100% non-refundable.

Service Fees – No portrayals are made for the administration expenses (service fee) being charged. It is just for site utilization and booking creation. No portrayals are made for service fees charged for booking through our customer service center and those charges might be higher. There are no portrayals or guarantees aside from utilizing our travel agent’s help in browsing the net and looking for the cheapest flight options along with making the booking. The service fee is subject to change without notice and the most updated fees may not be reflected here.

Itinerary changes, any or all, are restrictive in nature and are subject to airline policies. Most of the tickets, hotels, and holiday packages we offer don’t allow a change in the dates or names after the booking has been made. Shipra Travels LLC does not guarantee and can’t be held accountable if the bookings that have been confirmed are changed due to circumstances beyond our control or supplier’s schedule changes.
Exchange Fees: For itineraries where changes can be made, Sipra Travels LLC charges an exchange/change fee along with the airline penalties and any fare difference. Kindly get in touch with our travel representatives for the exact exchange costs. Please note that this fee is subject to change without notice and the latest updated fees can only be provided by the travel expert on call.

Most of the flight tickets we offer are 100% non-refundable*. In some cases, where the airlines may allow cancellations, a credit may be valid towards a future ticket purchase for the same traveller with the same airline. A penalty and a fare difference (if any), will be applied in such cases. The credit that is issued by the supplier usually has time constraints along with an expiry date. Cases where the cancellations can be carried out on bookings, make sure you cancel the ticket prior to the flight’s scheduled departure by giving us a call.

We do not guarantee any cancellations. A cancellation fee, as specified by the agent, must be paid to us at the time of cancelling the booking. We shall retain this fee. We recommend you have a word with our customer care representative to know the last date by which you must consume the credit after which it will get expired. When making a new booking, you will have to pay the fare difference (if any), applicable airline penalties, and Shipra travels LLC exchange fees.

All such changes are governed by the airlines’ rules and regulations and are beyond our control. Shipra travels LLC offers no guarantee on changes or fees. Kindly go through our Refunds Policy if you want to cancel the booking and apply for a refund. If you wish to exchange the tickets for new dates or routing, kindly go through our Change Policy.

No additional representation is made for our exchange fees except that an agent will assist you in locating your desired new flights and attempt to re-book the new flights based on availability and other factors.

*Some air ticketing refunds are also dependent on the policies (Fare Rules) of the Airlines applicable at the time of booking.

If your itinerary comprises more than one airline, separate airline rules will be applied. These airline rules and policies will apply to baggage fees, change fees, and refunds. In case of schedule changes or cancellations – if your initial flight is cancelled or the schedule is changed by either you or the airline, the other airline with which you booked your return flight is not obligated to issue a refund or change your itinerary.

It is you who is responsible for complying with each airline’s terms and conditions which may vary with respect to check-in times and limits on baggage allowances. We recommend you to print your e-tickets for your complete itinerary (including return tickets) prior to travelling. That’s because you may be asked to show your return tickets at the check-in counter.

Most of our airline tickets, hotels, pre-paid car rentals, vacation packages, and service fees are non-refundable. All cancellations will only be accepted if done over a call. Besides this, the refund requests are accepted only if the following conditions are met –

  • Cancellations and refund requests have been applied with us and the fare rules are open to cancellations and refunds.
  • You are not a “no show”. This is because “no show” bookings are not eligible to make refund requests from the suppliers.
  • We are able to secure waivers from suppliers to process the cancellations and refunds that are requested.

We can’t offer you a specific timeline as to how long the requested refund may take to get processed. There’s a sequential format that is followed for all refund requests. After you ask our travel representative to cancel your reservation, you’ll get an email notification from our end stating that your request has been received. However, please note that this notification doesn’t qualify you for the refund. This just gives you an affirmation of your cancellation request and gives you a tracking number. Once your request reaches us, we will work with the suppliers (for example- airline carriers, car rentals, hotels, etc) to produce a waiver based on aircraft and other supplier policies. We will then notify you of the decision taken by the suppliers. Our service fees associated with the initial travel booking are non-refundable. Please take note that we have a dependency on the suppliers for requested refund processes.

Once the supplier approves of the refund, additional time might be taken for this to show up on your credit card statement. Usually, all suppliers charge penalties in case of refunds. The amount is refunded via the same source it is paid from. From receiving the request to receiving credit on your statement, the process may take 4 to 6 weeks. Apart from the airlines and other suppliers refund penalties, Shipra travels LLC will charge a fee for processing this which will range from $50-$300. All refund fees are charged on a per ticket per person basis. Please note that the fees will only be assessed if

  • A refund has been authorised by the supplier or a waiver has been received.
  • When the airline/supplier rules permit such refunds.
  • If a refund isn’t processed by the supplier, Shipra Travels LLC will refund you its fees that you may have been charged with for the refund process. Please note that this will not include the service fees charged initially for original travel booking.

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