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This document gives a detailed explanation of what cookies are, how they are used, why they are used, and other such valuable pieces of information.

Cookies – What Are They?

When you visit a website, the website sends a cookie to your computer. The computer stores that cookie (i.e. a piece of text) in a file inside the browser so the website can track the pages you browse, the time you spend on the pages, and other such information. They can either be “session” or “persistent” cookies.  

Why Does MyTicketsToIndia Use Cookies? 

MyTicketsToIndia uses cookies for the following reasons-

Both session and persistent cookies are used by MyTicketsToIndia and the different types of cookies we use are- 

Essential Cookies: Essential cookies are used so no user can use fraudulent data or make an inauthentic account.

Third-party Cookies: These cookies come handy when ads are to be delivered, remarketing is to be done, and statical reports of a particular service is needed.

Your Choice Regarding Cookies

If you don’t want your data to get stored, you can decline the cookies. Right when you open our website, a box will appear asking you to accept it for a better experience. You can always refuse to accept that. However, please note that deletion or refusal of cookies might not allow you to use all the features MyTicketsToIndia offers. You might not be able to view some of our pages owing to that as well.

Our Blogs

With the aim to help passengers have hassle-free flight journeys, our blog section covers extensive details about travel restrictions in India & Australia along with the newly introduced airlines, routes, airport terminals, and more.
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