Can You Fly While Pregnant? | Is Flying Safe In Pregnancy? 

Is it safe to fly when Pregnant

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There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about taking a pregnancy flight. Many women feel nervous and overwhelmed when they seek information regarding this online. The most important question is – Can you fly while pregnant? The good news is that, for the most part, flying is safe for pregnant women – as long as you take a few precautions and follow pregnancy flying restrictions. 

Also, thinking to fly when pregnant can be a nerve-racking experience for women, especially if they are in the advanced stages of their pregnancy. 

Here are the details to give you valuable insights into the how(s) and why(s).

Can You Fly When Pregnant? 

Generally, the safest time when pregnant women can fly is considered to be the second trimester provided you are not facing any serious complications. However, flying restrictions for pregnancy include carrying a letter from your doctor or midwife if you are 28 weeks pregnant or more as proof that you are fit to take a flight. 

In case you are planning to take a flight pregnant to a developing country, please make sure to get immunised against diseases such as typhoid.

How many weeks pregnant can you be to fly?

Questions like “Can a 7 month pregnant woman fly? How late can you fly pregnant internationally? Or If at all Can you travel while pregnant?” keep crossing a woman’s mind when she thinks of flying internationally while pregnant. This is true even for domestic air travel! 

However, there is no straightforward answer to this question as each pregnancy is different and each woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy. So, when is it safe for pregnant women to fly?

  • Most experts agree that the safest time for flying while pregnant is during the second trimester. This is because the risk of miscarriage is lowest during this time and the pregnancy is not far along enough to cause any complications. 
  • Most airlines discourage air travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy and 32 weeks if you’re pregnant with twins or more or have complications in pregnancy like vaginal bleeding , cervical problems, high blood pressure or a history of miscarriages.

If you are planning on flying during your pregnancy or plan to take a long-haul international flight during pregnancy, be sure to consult with your doctor first to make sure that it is safe for you to do international travel while pregnant. Bear in mind that the flight between New Delhi to Sydney is at least 12 hr 25 min long, which can be arduous for a regular traveller, much less a pregnant woman. 

When Can You NOT Fly In Pregnancy? 

Wondering when pregnant when can you not fly? 
There are a few instances when it might not be safe to fly while pregnant, especially travelling internationally while pregnant.  As a general rule, most doctors discourage flying for longer than four hours at a stretch. If you’re on long-haul flights from Melbourne to Delhi or if you are planning to have a 10 hour flight while pregnant, consider planning accordingly.

  • Can you travel when pregnant? If you have a high-risk pregnancy and are experiencing complications, you should avoid flying and stay as close to a hospital or reliable doctor as possible. 
  • Pregnancy and flying restrictions – If you’re close to your due date, your doctor may advise against flying. 
  • Can you fly while 7 months pregnant? Flying can be more uncomfortable in the later stages of pregnancy, so it’s important to be prepared for that. 
  • Is flying safe when pregnant? Avoid flying if you have health conditions like severe anaemia or have experienced severe vaginal bleeding close to your journey date.
  • When pregnant can you fly on a plane? Yes, it is safe to fly while pregnant however, avoid air travel entirely if you have bad morning sickness and general weakness. That’s one of the reasons why doctors don’t recommend travelling during the first trimester.

If you have any concerns about pregnancy and flight restrictions be sure to talk to your doctor beforehand. They will offer recommendations and state clearly if you can fly when pregnant or not.  And if you need to know the essential items to carry on a long-haul flight, we can help. 

Hope by now you have got your answer to “Can you take flight when pregnant?”

What Should You Consider Before Flying in Pregnancy?| Is Flying Safe In Pregnancy? 

Can pregnant women fly? Flying during pregnancy can be a safe and comfortable experience. However, there are a few things to consider before booking a flight:

  • Stage of Pregnancy – How many weeks pregnant can you fly internationally with different airlines? Most airlines allow pregnant women to fly up to 36 weeks gestation. After 36 weeks, many airlines require a doctor’s note stating that the pregnancy is low-risk.
  • Length of the Flight – Can pregnant women travel in flight for long hours? It is generally recommended that pregnant women avoid flights longer than four hours. If a long-haul flight is necessary, consider booking a direct flight to reduce the amount of time spent sitting.
  • Food and Drink Available on the Flight – It is important to stay hydrated during pregnancy, so make sure to bring a water bottle on the plane. It is also a good idea to bring along some snacks in case the airplane food is not to your liking. This may not be possible with international travel pregnant flights so be prepared by looking at the onboard menu to identify what would be safe and comfortable to eat.
  • Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis – DVT is a high risk for pregnant women so wear DVT socks and avoid wearing tight shoes during the flight. Avoid tight leggings and uncomfortable clothing as well. 
  • Walk While Flying – Walk around during your flight to ensure you don’t feel stiff and tired. It is also a good idea to get the aisle seat instead of the middle or window seat.

We also recommend packing a kit with essential vitamins, any emergency medication, and a copy of your medical records if you’re travelling internationally. Don’t forget to consult your doctor as to when can you fly pregnant. 

Precautions to Take When Travelling While Pregnant

1. Check with your doctor before flying

This is probably the most important thing to do if you’re pregnant and thinking of flying while pregnant Australia. Your doctor will be able to tell you if flying is safe for you and your pregnancy.

2. Choose a safe airline

Not all airlines are created equal when it comes to safety. Do your research and choose an airline that has a good safety record and a good policy like a virgin pregnancy policy.

3. Book a direct flight

If possible, book a direct flight to your destination. This will minimize your time in the air and reduce your risk of experiencing turbulence especially during international flying while pregnant. If you’re on a long-haul flight, consider booking a flight with a long layover. For example, you can book a flight from New Delhi to Singapore, rest in Singapore for a night, and then book a flight from Singapore to Melbourne instead of a direct flights to Melbourne.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink a lot of water, even if it means you need to use the bathroom more often. Hydration is very important when you travel with pregnancy. 

These precautions will ensure you are safer and more comfortable flying during pregnancy. 

Diseases To Be Aware Of When Flying Pregnant – 

In general, pregnant women facing complications like vaginal bleeding or abnormalities of the placenta are advised not to fly. However, there are many diseases that pregnant women are prone to while flying anywhere in the world. Here’s a list of some of the most common ones –  

  • Typhoid 
  • Influenza 
  • Yellow fever/ Jaundice 
  • Malaria
  • Diarrohea 

Major Airlines Policy for Pregnant Women

Generally, major airlines have pregnancy flight restrictions and policies to ensure the safety of the passenger. Every question like how many weeks pregnant women can fly to various pregnancy restrictions for flying, all depends on the airline you choose to fly with.

Here’s a glimpse of various airlines and their flight restrictions on pregnancy –

1. Qantas Pregnancy Policy

As of September 2019, Qantas has a new policy in place for pregnant women travelling with the airline. The new policy and Qantas pregnancy rules are as follows:

  • Women who are 28 weeks pregnant or more will need a medical certificate from their doctor or midwife dated within 10 days of their flight, confirming that they are fit to fly.
  • Women who are between 14 and 27 weeks pregnant will need to provide a medical certificate if they are requesting a seat with extra legroom for Qantas flying pregnant. 
  • Women who are 13 weeks pregnant or less will not need a medical certificate

This new policy has been put in place to ensure the safety of both the mother and child during air travel with Qantas pregnancy flying.

2. Virgin Australia Pregnancy Policy

As of January 2020, Virgin Australia has a new policy in place for pregnant women. The new policy for virgin flights pregnancy flying are: 

  • Pregnant women are able to travel up to and including their 36th week of pregnancy. Beyond that, a medical certificate will be required for flying pregnant with virgin.
  • This policy applies to both international and domestic travel. For international travel, a medical certificate will also be required if travelling beyond the 36th week.

Again, this policy has been put in place for the safety of the child and mother.

3. Air India Policy for Pregnant Women 

Air India has a special policy for women flying internationally while pregnant. This policy is designed to make travel safer and more comfortable for expectant mothers.

  • Flying restrictions when pregnant – Pregnant women must have a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner, dated no more than 7 days before the date of travel, stating that the passenger is fit to travel by air.
  • Pregnant women up to the end of their 32nd week of pregnancy can travel without any restrictions.
  • From the 33rd week onwards, pregnant women can only travel if they have a medical certificate.

Most major airlines travelling between India and Australia have similar policies. We recommend reading up on them to get a good idea of what to expect and when can you travel during pregnancy with them easily. 

Airlines That You Can Consider Booking While Pregnant

If you are looking for reviews to shortlist the airline you want to fly with based on the comfort they offer, we can help. While our travel experts are available 24*7 to help you out, you can carry out your own research by giving these a read – 


Q. Can a pregnant woman fly on a plane?

Ans: Yes, pregnant women can get on a plane but you need to observe certain precautions and flying restrictions when pregnant. Avoid flying during vulnerable periods of your pregnancy. 

Q. Will I need to go through security?

Ans: Yes! That is normal for all domestic and international flights. However, security checks and scanners will not harm your baby. 

Q. Can I fly during the first three months of my pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, if you have a safe and strong pregnancy. If you are experiencing any complications, we don’t recommend taking that risk. 

Q. When is the best time to fly?

Ans: We recommend flying during your second trimester but still encourage you to consult with a doctor before making a decision. 

Q: Are airport scanners safe when flying pregnant?

A: Yes. All scanning equipment on the airport including the ones used for security reasons is safe for all passengers including pregnant women. 

Q: Which seat is good for pregnant ladies in flight?

A: For pregnant women, it is better to go for aisle seats since it allows easy movement to the bathroom. A bulkhead seat is also a good option since it provides you with ample space. A seat over the wing would allow you to have a smooth journey throughout the flight. 

Now that all of your questions have been answered, it is time to book a flight! 

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