Scoot Airlines Review – Is it a Good Compromise?

scoot Airline Review

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Because Scoot is a low-cost airline, many people feel the need to read a Scoot Airlines review to book a ticket on it. When you fly low-cost airlines, it is natural to assume you must compromise. Fortunately, it is still possible to have a comfortable journey. Our Scoot Airline review will help you decide which options are ideal for you. 

Scoot Airlines Long-Haul Review

Scoot Airlines is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, which is one of the biggest names in commercial aviation. The airline operates to several international destinations, including flights from Australia to India. In most cases, people get on board a Singapore Airlines flight from Australia, change flights in Singapore, and travel to India on Scoot.

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Long-haul flights on this airline are surprisingly comfortable by any standards, especially if you remember that it is a low-cost flight. The seats are comfortable and you get basic good service from the staff onboard. Scoot Airlines has aircraft like Boeing 787 in its fleet, which is a standard choice for long-haul trips. It is the same aircraft used by Qantas, Singapore Airlines, and other big names. 

All this means is that there’s no real compromise in comfort and safety if you choose Scoot. You’ll get the same kind of seat and legroom that you can expect from higher-priced airlines. You can expect a 45.7 cm seat, which is actually a bit roomier than one would expect. The pitch is 78.7 cm, which makes the flight more comfortable overall. 

Food Reviews of Scoot Airline 

You have the option of booking your meal beforehand, which is preferable to forking out the cash during the flight. On long-haul flights, it is best to pick your favorites online to ensure you can eat what you like instead of being forced to compromise due to a lack of availability.

Unfortunately, the food available on Scoot isn’t something to write home about. There is a decent variety of options available, including some vegetarian and vegan choices. You can also try some popular Indian dishes on the flight like vegetable biryani. The meals are safe to eat and filling, which is all you need from a low-cost airline. Gourmet food prepared by a star chef is reserved for people travelling on pricey airlines. There are no free drinks or snacks available. Everything must be purchased beforehand or during the flight. 

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Food Prices for Scoot 

A Scoot Airlines food review would be incomplete without mentioning the prices. You can expect to pay around $15 for a meal and $3 for beverages. Not very expensive when you consider the prices on other airlines, but still something to consider when you’re planning a budget for your trip. On a long-haul flight between Australia and India, you may need to have two or three meals. If you don’t expect anything fancy, you won’t be disappointed. 

Scoot Plus Review 

Scoot does have their own version of Premium Economy that is several hundred dollars cheaper than options offered by Qantas or Singapore Airlines. The fares start at $399 for most destinations and offer very comfortable seats. You can enjoy a separate cabin, rich leather seats that are 58 cm wide and offer a 96 cm recline. A much more comfortable experience overall, and you can upgrade when you’re onboard. 

There is in-seat power available to charge your devices and you get to check in more bags, which is always a perk when you are on a long trip. Also, there have been instances where travellers have had to deal with damaged or defective seats on their long-haul flights. That can lead to a pretty uncomfortable experience overall and getting any sort of response from the airline is dependent on luck. This is a compromise when it comes to low-cost airlines, even if you’re flying premium. 

Scoot Baggage Allowance 

No Scoot Airline review is complete without mentioning the baggage allowance. You are allowed to carry 10kgs of cabin luggage with you with your ticket. However, if you want to carry anything more or which to check in a bag, you will need to shell out $53 for an additional 20kgs. If you’re carrying a lot of items, this is something you may want to consider. 

Scoot Airlines Australia Review – Add Ons 

If you want an additional service, you need to pay for it. That’s the case with most budget airlines. Things that will be free on standard airlines, like a blanket or an eye mask, can cost you around $18 on Scoot. A power port in your seat will be an additional $8 and Wi-Fi is also available at an additional cost. 

Think about what you will need on your flight and calculate all of the expenses to understand the true cost of the flight. It will still be cheaper than the cost of standard airlines, but it is a good idea to look at the added expenses so you don’t have to deal with unexpected surprises in the end. 

All in all, Scoot Airlines offers a pretty standard experience. Your trip will be comfortable and timely, even if you’re travelling on a budget. Scoot has been around for 10 years now, which means it is an experienced airline with a good track record.

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Q.  Can I bring my own food on a Scoot flight?

Ans. Unfortunately, no. Scoot Airlines has a policy that doesn’t allow outside food in, which means you will need to purchase meals onboard. 

Q. Will my Scoot flight be on time?

Ans. Yes, Scoot has a good track record of arriving on schedule. In some cases, flights even arrive earlier than expected. Barring unusual occurrences, you can expect your flight to arrive at the destination on time. 

Q. Will my flight be noisy?

Ans. You can book a seat in the silent zone of your economy cabin, which is quieter than other sections of the cabin as there are no children allowed there. But we recommend bringing in a pair of earplugs anyways. 

Ready to try out Scoot Airlines? 

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