Best Beaches In Australia That Will Make You Go Into A Frenzy

Best Beaches In Australia

Last updated on Nov 21st, 2023 by Heena Ganotra

Beaches! The place with an essence of utmost tranquillity and serenity that can enliven even the most jaded soul. And, when it comes to beaches, Australia marks its name in bold with some of the best Australian beaches. It has the right stretch of coastline, filled with numerous interesting activities including snorkelling, swimming, surfing and sunbathing. Even, watching the bright blue crystal clear water, seated on the bank, can be no less than a treat to the eyes. 

Australia has about 11,761 beaches around its shores with the finest quality of sand. The captivating spread of sand and sea leave travellers wonderstruck in their thoughts about the unparalleled creations of God. Thousands of beaches and you have to select a few; Confusing? No Worries! Here we present you with some of the best beaches in Australia that you must not miss visiting while your trip to the country.

Beaches of Australia

Whitehaven Beach (Queensland)

Renowned award-winning beach, the Whitehaven Beach stretches over 7 km along Whitsunday Island. It is one of the best white sand beaches in the world, with an arresting contrast of turquoise sea and beautiful headlands. The beach gracefully flaunts its crystal-clear glittery water and white silica sand which is listed among the purest in the world. How about sinking your feet into the sand and enjoying the gentle touch of the waves? Truly enchanting! Luxury yachts, boats, or ferry tours depart from all the Whitsunday Islands, paving further options for the tourist to make their journey one-of-its-kind. It is rightly termed to be among the best beaches in Queensland.

Bondi Beach (New South Wales)

Bondi Beach (New South Wales)

The Australian heritage landmark, Bondi Beach is one of the world’s best beaches in Australia and is also counted among the best white sand beaches in New South Wales (NSW). It is the closest ocean beach to the city center, home to the best surf and swims spot. The vibrant and bustling coast has an iconic view of the awe-inspiring ocean. With the pretty rise of the sun above the horizon, surfers assemble here to carve up the waves and the view of the early birds flying in the sky is unrivaled. Interestingly, if luck is in your favor, you may also see breaching whales and surfing dolphins across the 1 km stretch of the ocean. Don’t miss seeing one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia! plan a trip to Australia soon! Book cheap flights to Australia with MyTicketsToIndia.

Wineglass Bay (Tasmania)

Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park has one of the iconic natural assets, the Wineglass Bay. It is a perfectly curved beach with a hypnotic view of the amalgamation of the sky and the ocean. This bay is nestled on the Freycinet Peninsula located on Tasmania’s east coast and is rightly stated as one of the best beaches in Tasmania. You can enjoy the unrivalled view of the pink granite mountains, sheltering the bay, or can even opt for camping at the enthralling beach. Tourists usually assemble there to catch the glimpse of the lovely sunset that fills the heart with utmost delight. Besides, you can also plan fishing, sailing or kayaking at one of the best summer beaches in Australia.

Cossies Beach (Cocos Keeling Islands)

While listing the best beaches in Australia, how can we forget the amazing Cossies Beach? This beach does wonders when it comes to impressing the viewers with its incomparable beauty. The turquoise water, the raw white sand with the stunning sea life, vibrantly enhances the beauty of Cossies Beach. If you want to be on a ferry ride, stay alert! You might get accompanied by the charming dolphins. Apart from all these interesting activities, you can also dive into the marine world by going on top-class diving, snorkeling or can even enjoy fishing and the Adrenalin-rush of kite surfing. This island is puffed with the best of activities for a congenial holiday trip. So, book you flights to Australia with MyTicketsToIndia soon!

Twilight Beach (Western Australia)

Be it the best beaches in Western Australia or in the world, the name of the Twilight beach never goes amiss. The idyllic condition of the beach spreads a genuine essence of purity and freshness. Surrounded by the mildly rounded granite boulders, the beach is truly one-of-its-kind while recalling the Western Australia beaches. It is the perfect spot for families and children; you can swim or can get involved in fishing activities. You can also climb up to the top of the granite cliffs to get an amusing view of the widespread beach.

Rapid Bay Beach (South Australia)

Snuggled between the extensive snow-white sand and cliffs, the Rapid Bay Beach is among the best beaches in South Australia. Popular for its long jetty, the beautiful beach builds an appealing path to take a stroll and relish the delight of fishing. Marked among the best south coast beaches, Rapid Bay Beach is truly a haven for snorkelers and divers to witness the shipwreck and get deep into the unmatched belle of the marine world. To view these exceptionally beautiful creations of nature, book your tickets to Australia now!

Surfers Paradise Beach (Queensland)

As the name goes, Surfers Paradise Beach is truly a heaven for the surfers or swimmers and for the ones who want to learn surfing. It is one of the best surf beaches in Australia. The 3 km wide stretch of white sand avails an extensive space to stroll along the soft sands. Despite being backed by high-rise buildings and fenced fore, the beach lays clean and unsoiled. Now, if you are interested in riding a wave, you can hire boards and take surf lessons easily at a budget-friendly price. The adjoining bound is a hub of alfresco dining, night markets and beachside accommodation. 

Manly Beach (Sydney)

This famous beach in Sydney attracts tourists from all over the world. People adore swimming here for over 50 years. The first surfing championships were held at this beach.  Also, the most popular way to explore the beautiful Manly Beach is by walking through the Manly Corso. You can also go on a Manly ferry ride that takes 30 min to give you a glance at the iconic landmarks of Sydney. This is the best Aussie beach for those wanting a break from sunbathing.

Brighton Beach

One of the best beaches in Melbourne, Brighton Beach is the favourite spot of the surfers, swimmers and sunbathers. The beach has a series of multi-coloured bathing boxes lined up on the foreshore. It is one of the best swimming beaches in South Australia. The beach has pretty decent waves that also makes the beach best for fishing. There are numerous popular restaurants, cafes and galleries at along the shore.

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There are many other enchanting and best beaches in Australia which are sure to leave you awed. While enjoying the most popular beaches in Australia, you can also savour the taste of the iconic foods of Australia, famous across the globe. Also, to make your experience the best of all, don’t miss out on the famous tourist attractions in Australia

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