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The need to take non-stop flights from Australia to India and back has only increased in the last decade or so. The distance between Australia and India is quite a lot and taking a non-stop flight ensures that you steer clear of all the unnecessary hassle that accompanies connecting flights.

Still, wondering about the Air India non-stop flights? Here is all the information you need to fly from Australia to India and back. We will walk you through all the details from the flight time to the non-stop flight routes available between Australia and India. 

Non-Stop Flights Between Australia And India 

Although there are only two airlines offering nonstop flights between the two countries i.e. Air India and Qantas, the flights are a game-changer as they have reduced flight time significantly. Here is the list of the 4 routes offered by the airlines –

  1. Air India Melbourne to Delhi Flights (MEL-DEL)
  2. Air India Sydney to Delhi Flights (SYD-DEL)
  3. Qantas Sydney to Bangalore Flights (SYD-BLR) 
  4. Qantas Melbourne to Delhi Flights (MEL-DEL) 

Note: All these non-stop flights to India from Australia also fly to Australia from India. 

Air India Melbourne to Delhi Non-Stop Flight 

The non-stop Air India Melbourne to Delhi flight has a flight time of 12 hours and 35 minutes. This non-stop flight has been a major success ever since it began and has attracted a lot of passengers. 

Air India Sydney to Delhi Non-Stop Flight 

The Air India Sydney to Delhi flight takes 12 hours and 50 minutes in total to reach the destination. As this route has good enough traffic, this non-stop flight helps cut down the flight time and reach the destination faster. 

Qantas Sydney to Bangalore Non-Stop Flights

Operating between the Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport and Kempegowda International Airport, Qantas is the only airline offering Sydney to Bangalore flights. This route has been nothing short of a blessing ever since it started operations, cutting down the time to 11 hours and 45 mins. 

Qantas Melbourne to Delhi Non-Stop Flight

With a flight time of 12 hours and 45 minutes, Melbourne to Delhi flights with no stops make sure you do not have to worry about taking a layover anymore. This route is also operated by Air India

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Q: Which airline offers non-stop flights from Australia to India?

Ans: Air India and Qantas are the only airlines offering non-stop direct flights between Australia and India.

Q: What is the average flight time of flights to India from Australia?

Ans: On average, flights from Australia to India take about 14 hours and 30 minutes. The flight time is reduced by 2 hours if you book non-stop flights.

Q: What is the best place to get direct flights to New Delhi from Australia?

Ans: MyTicketsToIndia is the best online ticket booking portal you need for reserving your direct flights to New Delhi from Australia. 

Q: Can I book direct flights to Delhi from Australia for under $1300?

Ans: Direct flights to Delhi from Australia can be booked for less than $1300 when you choose to make reservations with MyTicketsToIndia.

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