Everything You Need To Know About Brisbane Airport Parking

Brisbane Airport Parking

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Brisbane airport parking has become very popular with many travellers and business professionals due to its convenience. Brisbane Airport Parking provides the best airport parking services for travellers who intend to book their flight from Brisbane, Australia to India or round-trip flights. 

Brisbane Airport is the most preferred from the list of airports in Australia, as it offers great deals on airport parking services. You can compare and book a parking service online with ease. Let’s find all the information about airport parking in Brisbane, like Brisbane airport parking location, Brisbane airport parking price, and more.

Brisbane Airport | Details

Brisbane Airport is the gateway to Queensland and one of the best airports in Australia. It offers a wide range of passenger services, cargo services and facilities for general aviation. Along with that, Brisbane Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Australia. Also known as an Eagle Farm Airport before, it was built on former agricultural land in 1925. Brisbane Airport Corporation has been operating it since 1988. It offers domestic and international flights to numerous destinations. The Airport has a number of terminals, a train station, and a few parking options. 

Address: Airport Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia
Contact Number: +61 7 3406 3000

An Overview On Brisbane Airport Parking

Brisbane Airport has two terminals, one for domestic and the other for international flights. When planning your car parking, make sure you know which terminal parking you will be leaving from. This will help you find the best and most affordable Brisbane Airport parking deals and evaluate the best cost of parking with excellent services at Brisbane international airport. You can park your vehicle at both terminals if convenient for you.

There are four car parks at Brisbane airport within quick access. One is multi-level and located at the international terminal, and two are multi-level and located at the domestic terminal. These car parks are close to the terminals, and you will surely get special assistance from the parking staff. The fourth is called Airpark, a ground-level long-distance car park with an around-the-clock shuttle bus serving both terminals.

Brisbane International Airport Parking

You can drive to the international terminal at Brisbane Airport. The international airport parking is a few minutes’ walk from the terminal building, and there are parking options for short-term or long-term stays. For stays of four hours or more, it’s best to use the long-stay parking lot. It has friendly staff, and they will help you park your car at the airport parking lot.

The car park uses bay finding technology that makes it easy for users to find a parking space. Vehicles over 2.3 meters can enter via a separate entrance to an open parking area. Rental car parking is on level one.

Brisbane Domestic Airport Parking

The two-car parks at the domestic airport parking are P1 and P2. P1 is a 3 to 5 min walk from the domestic terminal and has car rental parking on level 1, short-stay parking on levels 2 to 5, and long-stay on levels 6 to 9. P2 is for long-term parking on all levels and can be accessed via the overpass, and is a 5 to 10 walk away.


The Airpark is a long-term car park with open and covered parking spaces. There are no height restrictions at this car park, making it the cheapest long-stay option. The shuttle bus runs on the hour, and half-hour from 5:00 am to 21:30, with an additional service at midnight. Located on Airport land and close to the terminals, AIRPARK offers 24*7 surveillance. It’s a convenient and affordable option for those who need to park their car at BNE Airport. You can also pre-book your parking online and save exclusive deals, starting daily rates from just $10* per day.

Guaranteed Parking At Brisbane

Available online only, Guaranteed Space allows you to reserve a spot at the Domestic Terminal in a designated area on Level 2 of P1 and Level 4 of P2. You can enjoy the convenience of free space by booking online and in advance to reserve your spot as there is limited availability.

Brisbane Airport Parking Rates

There are many parking options available to motorists at Brisbane Airport. You can park your vehicle at both long and short-term parking, as well as valet services and premium parking located within a short walk of the domestic and international terminals.

Short-term Parking At Brisbane Airport

The Brisbane airport offers two types of short-term parking. This type of parking is ideal for drop off or pick up passengers, and it is located at both terminals and is best suited for parking up to 4 hours. You can also book online for airport parking options at least 1 hour before arrival at BNE Airport, saving as little as $5* per hour.

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Parking Rates For Short-term Parking At Brisbane Airport (Airport Drive-up Rates)

Up to 30 minutes$10
30-60 minutes$20
1-2 hours$25
2-3 hours$30
3-4 hours$31
4-24 hours$59
Each additional day$55

*You can save big on exclusive online prices and get advance booking deals & parking coupons as well. 

Long-term Parking at Brisbane Airport

Long-term parking is located at P1 on Levels 5 – 9 and P2 on Levels 1-6, both located at the Domestic Terminal. Long term parking at the Brisbane International airport is located on levels 2 – 4 and outdoor parking lot. It is the nearest long term parking to the secure terminals with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and wireless internet.

Starting your journey at the Australian Airport is easy with a great range of parking services available. You can drive and park in a secure car park by simply driving up to the terminal. Or you can book online to save on special online prices and booking deals.

Parking Rates For Long-term Parking At Brisbane Airport (Drive-up Rates)

4-24 hours$59
2 days$79
3 days$99
4 days$118
5 days$138
6 days$150
7 days$160
8 days$170
9 days$182
10 days$194
11 days$206
12 days$218
13 days$230
Each additional day$12

*You can save big on exclusive online prices and get advance booking deals & parking coupons as well. 

Premium Parking at Brisbane Airport

Premium parking at Brisbane Airport is conveniently located on Level 3 of the Domestic Terminal. There is direct access to the Skywalk that leads right into the terminal. This is secure parking with 24-hour CCTV, and both express entry and exit are available.

Parking Rates For Premium Parking At Brisbane Airport

4-24 hours$99
2 days$119
3 days$139
4 days$159
5 days$179
6 days$199
7 days$219
8 days$239
9 days$259
10 days$279
11 days$299
12 days$319
13 days$339
14 days$359
Each additional day$20

*You can save big on exclusive online prices and get advance booking deals & parking coupons as well. 

Special rates start at AU$59.00. Bookings must be made online, and parking is permitted from midnight Friday to midnight Monday on the same weekend. It’s only available at the Domestic Terminal.

There are significant discounts for booking online. If you have booked in advance, you must enter and leave the airport car park using the same credit card you made the booking with.

Valet Parking Brisbane Airport

ParkValet is located on Level 3 of P1 at the Domestic Terminal and Level 1 in the International Terminal Car Park. You drive straight to the Valet parking Brisbane Airport office, submit your keys, and they will park your car. In addition, you can choose an alternative car wash service with ParkValet.

Important Note: Valet parking at Brisbane Airport is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Off-Site Parking Brisbane Airport

If you are flying from Brisbane Airport and want to save money on parking, several off-site parking facilities are available. These facilities are run by private companies like Andrews Brisbane Airport Parking, Alpha Airport Parking, Skyclean Airport Parking, Kingsford Smith Airport Parking, etc. and allow you to book your parking space online beforehand. A shuttle transfer service will take you to and from the airport terminals.

Drop Off and Pick Up Zones Brisbane Airport

International Terminal – Passengers can be dropped off in the departures area on level four of the international terminal. For people with reduced mobility, there is a place where drivers can stop for up to five minutes and get off and pick up. Vehicles cannot be left unattended.

There is a new signed pickup area where drivers can stop for up to ten minutes to pick up passengers. Drivers must wait until they know their passengers are ready to be picked up before entering this area. Upon entry, you need to pick up a ticket, and if you stay longer than ten minutes, charges will apply, although you can enter as many times as you like.

Domestic Terminal – The Domestic Terminal has a drop-off and pick-up area on Departures Road, but waiting is not allowed. However, there are six drop-off and pickup locations for people with reduced mobility where valid badge holders can stay for thirty minutes.

There is a waiting area next to the P2 car park that is free for the first 30 minutes for drivers picking up passengers. Wait until your passengers are ready at the pickup point.

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Q: How much does it cost to park at the airport?

Answer: Car Parking prices vary depending on the availability of parking products. We recommend that you book online for the best available price. It will cost you about $10 to 30 minutes for short-term parking, $59 to 4 hours for long-term parking, and about $99 to four hours for ParkPremium.

Q: Where is the long term parking at Brisbane International Airport?

Answer: The International Terminal Car Park has cheap long term parking on levels 2 to 4.

Q: Where is the long term parking at Brisbane Domestic Airport?

Answer: The long term parking at the Domestic Terminal Car Park is located on levels 5 to 9 of P1 and levels 1 to 6 of P2.

Q: How much is short term parking at Brisbane Airport?

Answer: Short term parking rates start at $0.00 for 30 minutes, and daily rates increase to $55.00 for 24 hours.

Q: How much is long term parking at Brisbane Airport?

Answer: Long-term parking rates start at $59.00 for 4 hours and $79.00 for a minimum of two days. A week of parking will cost you $160.00.

Q: Is it possible to park my motorcycle at Brisbane airport?

Ans: Yes, the airport car parking complex has motorcycle parking available at domestic and international terminal car parks. Dedicated motorcycle parking is located on Level 1 of the P1 car park at the domestic terminal. You will have to choose a regular car parking space in the International Terminal as there are no dedicated motorcycle spaces.

Q: What are the different private airport parking facilities available at Brisbane Airport?

Answer: Other airport ranking partners are: Andrews Brisbane Airport Parking, Alpha Brisbane Airport Parking, Kingsford Smith Airport Parking, Skyclean Airport Parking, Gateway Airport parking, etc.

Q: What is the car park height limit at the Airport?

Ans: The undercover parking options height at the International terminal is 2.3 metres. The Domestic terminal for Domestic P1 height limit is 2.25 metres, and for Domestic P2, it is 2.4 metres. Apart from this, Brisbane Airport also provides options for oversize vehicle parking.

Hope the above information about Brisbane Airport Parking helps you find the best car parking option.

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