Enjoy The Christmas 2024 Celebrations With Your Dear Ones!


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As the holiday cheer & festive spirit wraps around us once again, there’s no better time to make memories with your family, the joy of being together, and the magic of Christmas 2024. This year, in the midst of twinkling lights and the smell of freshly baked cookies, let’s bring back the tradition of Christmas celebrating with our dear ones. Don’t let distance stop you; cherish moments with family, create memories that shine, and celebrate this happy feeling that comes with this quality time. 

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When Is Christmas Celebrated? | What Makes Christmas Special?

Christmas, celebrated annually on the 25th of December worldwide, holds a special place in hearts across the globe. It marks the birth of Jesus Christ to Mother Mary in Bethlehem, an event that holds profound significance in Christianity. The word ‘Christmas’ itself merges ‘Christ’ and ‘mass,’ symbolizing a jubilant celebration. 

Within Christian beliefs, Jesus Christ is revered as the divine son of God, representing love, compassion, and the spirit of giving – a message adored by many beyond religious boundaries.

Why We Celebrate Christmas?

The heart of Christmas beats to honour the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is God’s special son. They call it ‘Christmas’ because it comes from ‘Christ’ and ‘Mass.’ The Mass is like a special church service where people remember how Jesus died and then came back to life. The ‘Christ-Mass’ service held a special place, permitted only after sunset and before the sunrise of the next day, often observed at midnight!

But nowadays, Christmas isn’t just for Christians. It’s a time for everyone to get together, be thankful, and share happiness by giving and receiving presents.


Why Is Christmas Celebrated On 25th December?

The exact day Jesus was born isn’t written down in history. Early Christians had long discussions about this. Also, Jesus was likely born somewhere between 2 BCE/BC and 7 BCE/BC, perhaps around 4 BCE/BC (fact: there’s no year ‘0’ – it goes from 1 BC/BCE to 1!). The first recorded Christmas celebration on December 25th was way back in 336 AD, when Emperor Constantine, who was the first Christian Emperor of Rome, was in charge. 

Lots of different stories and ideas try to explain why December 25th became Christmas Day. One early Christian thought links it to the Annunciation, which is when Mary learned about Jesus’ birth, celebrated on March 25th. So, people thought that if you counted nine months from then, it would land on December 25th!

Australians Celebrate Christmas Twice A Year. Why? 

It might seem a bit puzzling at first, but Australians have the unique opportunity to celebrate Christmas twice a year. Once, in the traditional December slot, and then again in July. This seemingly unconventional practice actually stems from the weather differences Down Under. Unlike the wintry December experienced elsewhere, Australia’s December is far from chilly. Consequently, Christmas in Australia takes on a different vibe. Instead of cozying up by the fire with hot chocolate, Aussies head to the beach or enjoy the outdoors in the sunshine.

July, known as Yuletide/Yulefest or Christmas in July, brings colder weather, letting Australians enjoy cozy fireside gatherings with warm drinks and attire. 

Make Christmas 2024 Special By Visiting Your Family 

Visit your family and friends this Christmas and New Year 2025 to make this holiday season magical! Create cherished memories, celebrate love, and relive old memories surrounded by your dear ones. Secure your journey now!

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If you plan to celebrate Christmas in Australia, check out our guide to the best Christmas markets for celebrations in Australia now!

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with laughter and love! 🎄🎅

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