How To Get Your Qatar Privilege Club Membership? – Know Here!

Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Last updated on Jun 6th, 2024 by Sakshi Goyal

Are you someone who loves to explore the world? Well, we have something for you. If you are willing to alleviate your experience on the flight and even at your destination, this is your sign to become a member of Qatar Privilege Club. Here’s to know why – 

What Qatar Privilege Club Is All About? 

Qatar Airways has one of the world’s most modern fleets that serves more than 160 destinations around the world. From Qatar Lounge to Qatar Airways seating selection, every step is designed in a way that helps the passengers have a lovely flight experience. 

Coming on to, Qatar Airlines Privilege Club, Qatar Privilege Club is a loyalty program of Qatar One World that uses the popular points currency Avios to enable its regular passengers to earn and redeem miles while they fly with Qatar Airways or other Qatar One World partners.

Benefits Of Qatar Airways Privilege Club 

Qatar Airways has exclusive member-only offers for passengers who have Qatar Airlines privilege club membership.

  • You get complimentary onboard wifi for 1 hour.
  • If you join Qatar Privilege Club, you can pay with avios+cash and save.
  • In fact, you can shop and pay in Qatar duty-free.
  • It also gives you access to international lounges along with other Qatar Airways lounge access. 
  • Qatar Airways privilege club also enables you to collect Avios with your family, so you can plan a nice family trip without worrying about your budget. You can also buy or gift them, as per your choice.
  • You even get an extra Qatar Airways baggage allowance as a member of the Qatar Privilege Club.

Step by Step Guide To Get Your Qatar Airways Membership

If you are confused as to how will you get your Qatar Airways membership, please know that getting a Qatar membership is just a 2-minute task.

Here are the steps to follow to get your Qatar Airways membership –   

Step 1

Check the official website of Qatar Airways and click on the Privilege Club option at the top.
Check the official website of Qatar Airways and click on the Privilege Club option at the top

Step 2

It would take you to the official Qatar Privilege Club enrollment page.

Step 3

Create the credentials for the Qatar Privilege Club login.
Create the credentials for the Qatar Privilege Club login

Step 4

Enter your name and other important personal details.
Enter your name and other important personal details

Step 5

Click on “Create an Account” to complete your registration.

Check the official website of Qatar Airways and click on the Privilege Club option at the top.

After all these steps are done, you will easily get access to your Qatar Privilege Club login details and other related stuff.

Please Note – Use code JOINPC24 by 31st December 2024 for travel till 30 June 2025 and earn a bonus of 4000 Avios. Terms and conditions apply

Qatar Club Privilege Cost

Qatar Privilege Club is completely free of cost and hence, you need not pay anything to get your club pass!. You earn Avios whenever you fly with Qatar Airways which you can easily calculate using the Qcalculator.

Membership Tiers 

In general, there are four types of membership tiers of the Qatar Privilege Club, each with its exclusive benefits. The higher your Qatar membership tier, the more you enjoy.

Burgundy Tier – Benefits

  • It is the first tier of Qatar Privilege Club and helps you save 10% on your Qatar seat selection. 
  • With Burgundy, you get 100% mileage per family member on all flights eligible for Avios as well as on non-air partner transactions. 
  • You need to earn 150 Q-Points within any 12 months to upgrade to Silver.

Silver Tier – Benefits

Silver Tier 
  • Qatar silver benefits are much more as compared to burgundy. From 15 kg extra baggage allowance to Qatar Airways lounge access it has everything.
  • You need to have 135 or 270 Q-Points to avail of Qartar silver benefits. To upgrade to Gold, you would require 300 points within any 12-month period.
  • It has the option of a 25% tier bonus on eligible flights by Qatar Airways, priority check-in, and much more!

Gold Tier – Benefits

Gold Tier 
  • Qatar One World Sapphire, helps you get discounts on online redemptions, 20 kg extra baggage allowance, Qatar lounge access, and even flexi awards. 
  • You need 270 or 540 Q-Points to retain gold and 600 Q-Points to upgrade to platinum
  • From 75% tier bonus to 100% mileage per family member, benefits are endless here.

Platinum Tier – Benefits

Platinum Tier 
  • With a 25 kg extra baggage allowance and no Avios expiry benefit, this is one of the best tiers of the Privilege Club of Qatar.
  • You need 540 or 1080 Q-Points to retain Platinum. 
  • It has a 100% tier bonus and 100% mileage per family member along with other benefits like priority boarding, lounge access, and much more.

Note – You can visit the page of Qatar Airways to learn more about their membership tiers.

Priority Club is indeed one of the best creations of Qatar Airways as once you have your Qatar Airways membership, saving and exploration go hand in hand! 

Secret Tip for Travellers: It is always recommended to book return flights instead of one-way flights to save some more bucks for later shopping. Know ‘Is booking a return flight actually cheaper than one-way tickets or not?’. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to add a family member to the Qatar Privilege Club?

A: To nominate a family member, you need to log in to your Qatar membership account and select ‘My Profile’ from your dashboard menu. Then, choose the ‘My Family’ option and add your family member to nominate someone for the priority club.

Q: Who can use the Qatar Airways lounge in Doha?

A: Qatar Lounge doha can be used by either passengers travelling first class or Qatar Airways privilege club platinum members flying business class with Qatar Airways.

Q: Which are some premium Qatar Airways lounges?

A: Premium lounges like Bangkok Premium Lounge, Paris Premium Lounge, Beirut Premium Lounge, and Singapore Premium Lounge are some of the best Qatar lounge experiences to have.  Qatar VIP Lounge not only helps you relax after a long flight but also helps you turn your travel into a memorable experience.

Q: Does Qatar Airways’ seating plan allow us to choose seats as per our choice?

A: You can easily manage your Qatar Airways seat selection while you book your flight.

That’s all about the Qatar Airways privilege club. If you have not yet bought a membership for yourself, it’s high time to gain access to your Qatar Privilege Club. 

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