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Feel like treating yourself by flying business class with Jetstar Boring 787 8? This Jetstar Boeing 787 8 review guide explains how business class works on a low-cost airline. It will surely help you to plan accordingly and make your travel even more seamless. The onboard experience of Jetstar 787 business class is of high quality, you’ll enjoy a great range of in-flight features here, from an amenity kit & various entertainment options to amazing food & beverages. This is the perfect option for travellers looking for a premium travel experience for a budget price. 

The Jetstar 787 business class review is a subject worth exploring, and we’re eager to bring you along for the ride. So, let’s dive into this detailed review guide – 

Routes Jetstar Boeing 787 8 Business Class Flies To

Jetstar offers business-class fares exclusively on its Boeing 787 Dreamlines aircraft, which are used for long-haul international flights from Australia to numerous locations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Honolulu, Phuket, Seoul, and Ho Chi Minh City. The aircraft can also be found on Jetstar’s flights from Melbourne to Singapore, as well as from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to Bali.

Note: Please know that other Jetstar routes from Australia to Singapore and Denpasar are operated by Airbus A320 aircraft which do not have business class fares.

Amenities & Service Offered By Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jetstar Business Class

Jetstar Boeing 787 8 Business Class could be the best option if you are looking to have a premium travel experience for a low price. This low-cost carrier doesn’t have lie-flat business seats, but you will get more space and other additional benefits like full meals and drinks on board, a 30 kg checked baggage allowance, an amenity kit and numerous in-flight entertainment options. Let’s check the amenities & services this aircraft is offering to its business class passengers.

Early Check-In & Priority Boarding

With Jetstar business class fares you will get the benefit of early check-in and priority boarding. This will definitely work as bliss to avoid long queues and long-hours waiting time. At the gate, it’s nice to head to the front of the queue in the business class lane so you can settle in fast and start sipping that welcome drink and wipe your hands with the hot towel. But, please know that Jetstar business class perks do not extend to priority luggage collection. 

Inflight Dining

The Boeing 787 8 Jetstar business class menu will be presented to you before take-off and you will get a few minutes to decide what you want to eat while the rest of the plane passengers board. Divided into the appetiser, main course, bakery and dessert, it has light and appetizing descriptions with vegetarian options. There’s also a separate four-page Business Class wine menu curated by an expert panel that includes Winemakers Lisa McGuigan and Usher Tinkler and author Matt Skinner. The wines have been selected from wineries in Australia, France and New Zealand and come with a pairing guide so you can look like a wine buff when ordering. You will be served a light meal on red-eye flights or overnight flights. 

Comfortable Seating

The layout for Jetstar Boeing 787 Dreamliner seating is 2-3-2. This cabin has winder leather seats (19 inches as compared to 17 inches in economy) that recline further than the economy seats (38 inches in business class and 30 inches in economy). Even though the seat does not recline to flat, You will have a comfortable experience. The tray comes from the side and there is a footrest attached to the seat.  You will also get noise-cancelling earphones, a pillow and a fleece rug which will make sleeping through the flight a real possibility. 

Inflight Entertainment

Get ready to enjoy your long-haul flight on a Jetstar 787 Dreamliner with various entertainment options. More than 50 movies and 500 television episodes are included in business-class entertainment options which include a couple of new releases. And, on the well-positioned movie screen in front of you, you can watch your favourite movie and show through the journey. Apart from this, you can also read magazines to entertain yourself. An in-seat USB point is a handy addition to charge those devices that you forgot to do at home. 

Amenity Kit

You will also get a cute little zip-up comfort pack – ‘Chill Kit’, with the obligatory socks, ear plugs, eye mask, blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm and Milk & Co hand cream. The best thing in the pack you will get in a kit is a pen which comes in very handy for filling out immigration forms. 

Business Max Option

By paying around $200 more for your Business Class flight ticket each way, you will get many additional perks. It will give you the most flexible fare offers by Jetstar. Here are some of the benefits you will get with this option – 

  • Flight cancellation (fee applies)
  • No change fees for all changes, including origin and destination (fare difference applies)
  • Qantas Points and Status Credits or Emirates Skywards Miles loyalty points for members of affiliated frequent flyer programs, or a Jetstar Flight Rewards voucher. 
  • Lounge access at Qantas Club or partner lounges (where available)

Jetstar 787 Business Class Fares

You can easily book your Jetstar Dreamliner 787 business class flight tickets on the official website of the airline, for routes where this cabin is offered. While booking business class tickets, you will get two fare types – Business and Business Max. If you opt for the Business Max option for your business ticket, you will be offered many additional benefits. 

If you want to redeem your Qantas points for a business class flight to Asia (such as Melbourne to Delhi flights) or Hawaii, Jetstar flights could also be worth looking into because you can sometimes find up to four Classic Flight Reward seats per flight that are available to book using Qantas Frequent Flyer points. And, if you have a Qantas Club membership or Qantas Gold, Silver or Platinum One status, you can enjoy access to Qantas lounges anyway when flying with Jetstar. But, this benefit is only automatically offered to Qantas Club members and eligible frequent flyers (booked on any Jetstar fare type) at airports where Qantas operates its own lounges. 

How To Upgrade Your Flight Seat On Jetstar Boeing 787 8?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Jetstar used to routinely offer paid upgrades by email to customers booked in the economy around 14 days before departure Which typically cost around $200-300 per passenger. But, these don’t seem to be offered any more and it is not possible to pay for a cheap upgrade at the airport on the day of travel. Currently, many Jetstar flights are selling out in business class, too, so the only way to guarantee a seat at the front of the plane is to book it in advance. It is not possible to upgrade on Jetstar flights using Qantas points. But, you can redeem Qantas points to book a Classic Reward ticket. 

Jetstar 787 Seat Map

The aircraft operates in a two-class configuration with 21 seats in the business class cabin and 314 seats in the economy class cabin. The business class seats are located in the first three rows of the plane, with seating in a 2-3-2 layout. Each business class seat is a bit wider than a standard economy seat, and there’s more legroom with a 38-inch seat pitch. But, if you got the seat in brown 2 or 3 and not in an aisle seat, you would not be able to get out without disturbing your neighbour. And, each seat in the business class cabin offers a reasonable amount of recline and there is an extendable leg rest.  But, this type of seat would be classed as “Premium Economy” on most other airlines because it is not a lie-flat bed. 

Take a look at the below-mentioned Boeing 787 Jetstar seat map for more clarifications – 

Business Class (Recliner)38191-321
Economy (Standard Seat)301710-57314


Jetstar’s premium product is roughly equivalent to ‘Premium Economy’ on other international airlines, so calling it ‘Business Class’ is a bit of a stretch. But, the airline set the prices of these fares accordingly which makes them a good option. You won’t get a lie-flat bed in the business class cabin of Jetstar Bpring 787 8, but it’s definitely more comfortable than flying economy and is generally cheaper than business class on other airlines when flying long-haul. Also, please know that unlike ScootPlus or the Premium Flatbed product on AirAsia X, Jetstar does offer full meals, drinks, entertainment and amenities in business class. So, it is more than just a bigger seat. 

If you are going to treat yourself to a comfortable flight, this is a pocket-friendly way to do it. If you ever get confused about whether Jetstar 787 business class is worth it, consider the cost of a  Premium Economy ticket on another airline. If Jetstar’s business class is cheaper than the premium economy of other airlines, it is definitely worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Jetstar 787 business class worth it?

Ans: Yes, if you are looking for a premium travel experience on a low budget, then Boieng 787 8 Jetstar business class is definitely the best choice. 

Q: How to upgrade on Jetstar Boeing 787 8?

Ans: If you wish to upgrade, and one is not offered, you will probably need to pay the fare difference between your ticket and a business class fare. In any case, be aware that Jetstar does not offer upgrades at the airport at all – so you would need to confirm it before you check in.  

Q: What are the best seats on Jetstar Boeing 787 8 business class?

Ans: Jetstar Boeing 787-8 best seats in the business class cabin are the right-side seats in the last row of the cabin. Both seats sport an extra two inches of recline because they have been designated as ‘crew rest’ seats for the flight deck team. These seats are available for passengers only on shorter flights. 

Q: Is web check-in allowed for Jetstar Boeing 787 8?

Ans: Yes, web check-in is available on selected international flights. The facility for Jetstar Airways (JQ) flights opens for two days to two hours before departure. 

Q: Does Jetstar Airways have flatbeds in business class?

Ans: No, You won’t find flatbed seats in Jetstar business class cabin. But, you will experience many other business class features that will make your flight super comfortable. 

That is almost everything you need to know about the Jetstar Boeing 787 8 business class services, seat map details, upgrading process, etc. Have more queries? We, at MyTicketsToIndia, will help you resolve all your queries and doubts at our earliest possible.  

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