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Ever wonder about the difference between economy and premium economy flights? Many people do this when they are planning their travel itinerary and budget. Some wonder if it is worth it to invest in premium economy seats, which can be quite a bit more expensive than standard economy flight class. We will explain what you need to know about the best premium economy airlines so you can decide if it is a good option for you. 

What is Premium Economy Class?

Premium Economy Class is a tier of service between Economy Class and Business Class/First Class. It is often available on international and popular domestic routes because people are willing to pay a little extra money for the best premium economy seats. 

The best premium economy airline offers a wide range of interesting benefits, including:

  • More legroom 
  • Wider and more comfortable seats
  • Better seat options
  • Premium meals
  • Additional amenities and services
  • Priority check-in and boarding

Premium economy flights are more affordable than First Class or Business Class but offer more perks and comfort than Economy Class, which makes it an appealing option for people with some room in their budget. 

Economy vs. Premium Economy

When you’re trying to decide whether you should spend a little more on premium economy class seats, it is important to get the full picture. Here are some of the more precise details to consider:

  • 5 to 7 inches of more leg space to stretch out your legs. 
  • 1 to 2 inches of additional seat width for people who don’t want elbows digging into their ribs during the flight. 
  • 2 to 3 inches of additional seat reclining space so your nap is more comfortable. 

These might not seem like much at first glance but when you are on a long flight, it is best to look at the premium economy comparison carefully and decide whether it is worth it. Different airlines offer different perks and additional services so visiting the airline’s website to know more is a good idea. Know about the Jetstar 787 business class review to know about the perks offered in business class seats.

Which Airlines Have Premium Economy? | Airlines with Premium Economy

Here are the main airlines offering premium economy flights – 

1. Singapore Airlines Premium Economy 

Singapore Airlines is one of the most respected and popular carriers in the skies today. Even Singapore Airlines’ economy is fairly comfortable but their premium offering can make your journey even more pleasing. 

In fact, Singapore Airlines’ premier economy service is often ranked as the best in the industry by many travel publications and influencers. Let’s look at what it has to offer!

Seat Comfort 

  • The best premium economy seats with spacious legroom of 38 inches or 96 cm compared to the standard economy legroom of 32 inches or 81 cm. 
  • Passengers can reclaim their seats for up to 8 inches or 20 cm. 
  • Calf and footrest are available for additional comfort.

Entertainment Facilities 

  • There are two USB ports to charge your devices as well as a universal power outlet. 
  • An adjustable reading lamp ensures you can read comfortably when the lights are off. 
  • Additional storage space to keep things like books, handbags, etc. 
  • Wi-Fi access to stream movies, and programs, engage on social media, and listen to music. 
  • High-definition monitor to watch entertainment on. The screen is 13 inches, which is sufficient to provide an immersive experience. 
  • Noise-cancelling headphones to watch or listen without distractions.


  • Complimentary wine is available once the flight takes off. 
  • ‘Book a Cook’ service that allows you to pre-order meals for the journey. The food will be delicious, by the way. 

Airport Amenities 

  • All Singapore premium economy passengers get priority check-in. 
  • You also get priority baggage handling and boarding. To know more about Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance and travel smoothly.

Access to amenities like the Melbourne airport lounge for Singapore Airlines, extra legroom, and many in-flight perks make Singapore Airlines Premium Economy a great choice. With Singapore Airlines frequent flyer program, you can get a premium upgrade easily. 

2. Qantas Premium Economy 

Qantas Airways is Australia’s biggest airline and a very well-respected name in the aviation industry. It is a very reliable carrier that offers great service even for the standard Qantas Economy Class. However, it is worthwhile to pay a little extra for a more premium experience. Just look at what they have to offer:

Seat Comfort 

  • Qantas Premium Economy seats offer 38 inches to 42 inches (96 to 106 cm) of legroom, which is better than most offerings in the Premium class. 
  • The sites are 19 inches to 22 inches (48 to 56 cm) wide, which offers a lot of elbow room. 
  • You can recline your seat by up to 9 inches or 23 cm and that will help you sleep better on the flight. 
  • There is a footrest available for you to relax fully. 
  • There’s an ergonomically designed headrest for superior comfort as well.

Entertainment Facilities 

  • USB and power outlets are available to charge all of your devices. 
  • TV box sets along with a touch-screen that is approximately 25% larger than most offerings. 
  • Noise-cancelling headphones are available. 
  • Several games and music options are available in your seat. 
  • You can connect to the inflight Wi-Fi if you want to access the internet.


  • All passengers get complimentary beverages like sparkling wine, juice, or a cocktail when the plane is in the air. 
  • There’s a great menu designed by Neil Perry along with different food options for different preferences. All are served on David Caan tableware. 
  • A dedicated sommelier will help you pick the right wine pairing for your food.

Airport Amenities

  • Qantas offers a dedicated check-in counter. 
  • You have a priority boarding lane along with special disembarkation access. 
  • Qantas has premium economy seats which are dedicated with huge cabin space and crew so you get superior service. 
  • Overnight flights get an Amenity Kit that includes eye masks, socks, a dental kit, a large cotton pillow, and a wool blanket.
  • There’s also a big 40kg additional baggage allowance.

All of these perks make Qantas’ premium economy flights sound like an excellent deal. You also get a chance to choose between Qantas a380 premium economy and Qantas 787 premium economy flights. 

Also, learn about the Qantas A330 Business and premium economy class reviews and travel smoothly.  

3. Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

Cathay Pacific has been around for a while and is a very respected name. The carrier maintains several routes to Australia and offers exemplary services to Cathay Premium Economy Flights. You can enjoy some pampering by an airline known for its service. 

Seat Comfort

  • Cathay Pacific premium economy seat offers 38 to 40 inches of pitch, which comes to around 96-101 cm. 
  • The seat width is 18.5 to 19.5 inches or around 47 to 49 cm. There’s enough room that you feel any pointy elbows anywhere. 
  • The seat can recline up to 8 inches or 20 cm. 
  • There are leg and footrests for maximum comfort. 
  • To rest food, books, devices, etc, you have a large tray table and an additional cocktail table if you want something smaller.

Entertainment Facilities

  • You have easy access to a power outlet and USB ports to charge your devices.
  • Inflight Wi-Fi is also available so you can stream movies, listen to Spotify, or check your social media apps. 
  • Every seat has a 12-inch or 30-inch monitor for watching programs or movies.
  • If you don’t want to stream anything online, the TV box sets and music playlists available on the inflight entertainment system are sufficient.


  • Passengers are welcomed with a glass of champagne and can order their favorite flavor of Betsy Beer. This beer is specifically brewed for an altitude of over 35,000 feet. 
  • There is an upgraded menu with healthy meals featuring fresh fruits and vegetables prominently. 
  • A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is also provided in premium economy plane.

Airport Amenities

  • Passengers can check in additional baggage of up to 35 kg.
  • There are also dedicated check-in counters at specific locations for faster service. 
  • Priority boarding is also available at select locations. 
  • A wonderful amenity kit with environmentally friendly products is available on long-haul flights. The kit contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, eyeshade, and earplugs. 

Almost every Cathay Pacific Premium Economy review has positive feedback so you can be certain the upgrade will deliver a worthwhile experience. Also, learn about the Cathay Pacific check in policy to make sure a smooth travel.  

4. Japan Airlines Premium Economy

Japan Airlines is one of Japan’s premier carriers. The company runs both domestic and international flights to different routes and is a preferred choice for many travellers. JAL Premium Economy Flights offers a lot of perks at an affordable cost. You can have a very comfortable trip with the services mentioned below:

Seat Comfort

  • You can sit comfortably in a wide seat with the best premium economy seats. The front-to-back width is 10 cm larger than standard and the side-to-side width is approximately 7 cm larger. 
  • Sites are approximately 48cm to 49cm between armrests. 
  • The leg rest is large and spacious. 
  • You have a three-step adjustable footrest for maximum comfort. 
  • A sizable table that can comfortably hold a regular laptop is also available. 
  • A center divider is provided for additional privacy.

Entertainment Facilities

  • You can watch your entertainment on a 12.1-inch touchscreen monitor. 
  • A wide range of entertainment options is available, including original video programs by JAL. 
  • The inflight entertainment system offers a wide range of great movies and programs. 
  • Noise-cancelling headphones are available on select routes.


  • You can enjoy some very delicious meals prepared by talented chefs. Some of the options include traditional Japanese dishes that will add to your experience. 
  • The food is made from high-quality ingredients sourced responsibly. 
  • Passengers can request alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during their flight. Some beverages include Japanese specialty drinks like Sake, Shochu, Ayataka, tea, and more.

Airport Amenities

  • There are dedicated lounges for Japan Airlines passengers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Delhi. 
  • JAL Premium Economy seats come with additional baggage allowances and priority services in some locations.

If you’re looking for a comfortable trip and a fairly unique experience, the Japanese Airlines premium economy flights is a great choice. It has a good network and may be a suitable option for you if you need to make a stopover at places like Singapore on your way to Australia. 

5. ANA Premium Economy

ANA Airline is also one of Japan’s airlines with best premium economy and is popular on international skies. The company is dedicated to providing a superior flying experience to their ANA Premium Economy passengers. 

Seat Comfort

  • Passengers can expect 38 inches or 96 cm in pitch and 19.3 inches or 49 cm in width. 
  • There are extendable footrests and comfortable reclining seats available on premium economy plane so you can relax during your trip. 
  • There is enough legroom to stretch your legs and move around without bumping into anything. 
  • Some seats also swivel to 90 degrees.

Entertainment Facilities

  • All seats have USB ports and power outlets to help you charge your devices. 
  • Passengers can use noise-canceling headphones to enjoy their entertainment in peace. 
  • A 27 cm or 10.6-inch screen to view all your entertainment on. 
  • While flying premium economy there is a large selection of television shows, movies, and programs available on the inflight entertainment. 
  • Free onboard Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the internet and find other entertainment options.


  • Passengers can expect carefully planned meals and a separate children’s menu as well. 
  • Wine, sake, and non-alcoholic beverages are available. 
  • Meals for special dietary requirements are also available, which means you can find everything you need onboard.

Airport Amenities

  • Baggage priority tag that ensures your bags arrive early at the baggage claim. 
  • You get smoother check-in and boarding and have access to the ANA lounge in specific airports.

These airlines offer an excellent premium economy seat along with several perks at fairly reasonable prices. You can compare the prices of different flights on our website to see which ones offer you the best deals.


Q. Does Qatar have a premium economy service?

Ans. No, Qatar Airways doesn’t have a premium economy. The airline has maintained a firm stance against the concept for a while. The CEO of Qatar Airways, His Excellency Akbar Al Baker maintains that Qatar Airways offers premium economy services to its economy-class passengers already at reasonable prices and he wishes to remain on that path.

Q. Does Malaysia Airlines offer a premium economy service?

Ans. Like Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines doesn’t offer Premium Economy. There have been on and off plans to introduce the class of service for a while so we recommend keeping an eye on the airline’s website to know more. 

Q. Does Emirates have a premium economy service?

Ans. Yes, Emirates does, but it has only recently introduced in 2020. Premium economy is only available on limited routes, which means you may not be able to get access to it easily. However, there are plans to retrofit existing planes with the premium economy cabin so you can expect the service to become more readily available in a few years. 

Q. Is the extra legroom on premium economy flights worth it?

Ans. Yes and most experts agree on this. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a two-hour flight from Mumbai to Chennai but if you are travelling from New Delhi to Sydney and expect to spend 15-20 hours in flight, a cramped seat with very little leg room can quickly become a nightmare. 

Q: Which airline has the largest economy seats? 

A: JetBlue Airways is known for having some of the largest economy seats among major airlines.

Q: Which airline has the best premium economy? 

A: Many airlines are known for their excellent premium economy cabins, including Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas. Each airline offers different amenities and services, so the best premium economy experience can vary depending on personal preferences.

Q: How to get cheap premium economy flights?

A: To get discount premium economy flights, book early, be flexible with dates, use miles or points, monitor fare sales, consider upgrade options, compare prices, and consider alternative airports. Check out our deals on MyTicketsToIndia to get the cheapest premium economy flights. 

So, here it is! Our list of premium economy offerings available between India and Australia.

If you want to book one of these wonderfully comfortable seats on your next flight from India to Australia or back, we can help. MyTicketsToIndia offers transparent pricing, no hidden costs, and dedicated customer service. You will find the best flight deals quickly so just call, chat, or fill out an enquiry form to know more!

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