A Detailed Guide To Qantas Check In Policy – Process & Guidelines


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Qantas Airways leaves no stone unturned in providing its customers with the best of its services. However, questions like ‘What is Qantas check-in policy?’, ‘Is Qantas check in online available for all passengers?’, ‘What are the rules for Qantas domestic check in?’, and much more keep coming into our minds. 

But, don’t worry! Here’s your detailed guide to Qantas Airways check in policies. Skim through the piece now!

Qantas Flights Check In Services 

For all those who are travelling via flights for the first time or are confused as to what Qantas Airlines check in meaning, here’s a brief for you- 

In common scenarios, your boarding pass is issued when you present your flight ticket at the airport check-in desk. However, with Qantas online check in service, you can print your boarding pass online from home/office or wherever you are. You can even show it on the Qantas check in app and complete the procedure even before you arrive at the airport. No wonder why it is one of the best airlines in Australia, right? 

How To Check In For Qantas Flight? 

There are many ways to complete your Qantas flight check in procedure:-

  • Qantas online check-in
  • Qantas check-in-app
  • Auto check in Qantas flight 
  • Kiosk check in Qantas Airways 
  • Airport counter flight check in Qantas 

There exist differences between Qantas international check in and Qantas domestic check in for flights. Let’s explore everything in detail below!

  1. Qantas Check In Online

With Qantas web check in, you can easily check in and print your boarding pass online from the comfort of your home. Additionally, the airline will also send you an email regarding the same to complete your Qantas checking in online procedure. 

Also, with Qantas electronic check in, you get to do Qantas check in baggage in advance (if you’re carrying carry-on baggage), and select your seats & meal preferences before your flight departs.  

With check in Qantas Airlines online option, you can check-in by visiting qantas.com.

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for web check in Qantas Airways if you have a connecting flight operated by- 

  • Qantas Airways (domestic Qantas check in & international flights) and QantasLink (same-day connecting or return flights)
  • JetStar International
  • Oneworld Partners
  • Codeshare Partners and other designated international partners.

Qantas Online Check In International Flights

The Qantas check in time for Qantas international flight check in are as follows- 

International Qantas operated services for Qantas check in Australia international airports  (QF1-QF399)Economy or Premium Economy: 90 minutesBusiness or First: 60 minutes
Qantas online international check in for codeshare services operated by Jetstar at all Australian international airports60 minutes
Online check in Qantas international travel on Oneworld partners, codeshare partners, or other designated international partnersContact the operating carrier for their recommended check in time for Qantas international flights. 

Qantas Domestic Check In Time – 

The Qantas check in times for Qantas domestic online check in are as follows- 

Qantas Domestic flights check in (QF400 and above)30 minutes
Domestic Qantas check in time for  codeshare services operated by Jetstar (QF5000-QF5999)40 minutes
Domestic connecting to international travel (QF400 and above) For example Canberra to Sydney to Los Angeles45 minutes
Online Check in Qantas for domestic travel where your flight departs from an Australian international terminal (QF1-QF399)60 minutes
Group check-in for domestic flights (QF400 and above) or for domestic travel where your flight departs from an Australian international terminal (QF1-QF399)60 minutes

Suggested Read: Are you thinking of Qantas online check-in international flights because you are pregnant?  Well, if you are thinking of flying when pregnant, then let us tell you that the second trimester is the safest time to fly. Hence, if you are not facing any serious conditions, you are eligible for flying when pregnant.

  1. Qantas App Check In/Mobile App Check-In 

Wondering, how to check in on Qantas app

Once you are done downloading the Qantas app, you can easily view your boarding pass on qantas.com/check-in. You won’t need a paper boarding pass anymore. 

When you are about to board your flight, simply scan your boarding pass and get your gate receipt collected. At the end of the mobile check in, you must enter your phone number to receive an SMS containing your 2D boarding pass. If you don’t receive an SMS for the same, you will need to get it printed at the kiosk. 

You can start checking in around 24 hours to 30 minutes before your scheduled flight. 

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible if you are travelling with an infant or are in a group of a maximum of 9 passengers. However, you can check in one passenger at a time. Group bookings for 10 or more passengers are not entertained. 

Wondering if flying solo is a good option? Well, solo travel comes with its benefits and risks. But if that is what excites you the most, why not give it a chance? 

Qantas Airlines Check In Times

Qantas check in domestic & check in time for international flights Qantas remains the same as for online check-in as mentioned above. 

  1. Qantas Auto-Check In

The auto-check in facility is only available for specific Qantas domestic flight check in. You will receive an SMS inviting you to access your boarding pass if you have not already done online domestic flight Qantas check in. Hence, make sure your phone number is updated. 

  1. Kiosk Qantas Check In International & Domestic Flights

For Qantas check in for international flights from Brisbane, Sydney and Perth and Qantas check-in domestic flights, you have the option of kiosk check in, with or without Qantas check-in baggage. 

At check in kiosks, you can do a variety of activities like view your flight details and change your allocated seat. 

3 Steps for kiosk check-in

  • Enter your name and flight details or your booking reference.
  • Insert your card that was used to make the booking.
  • Scan the barcode on your flight itinerary.

Self Serve Kiosk –

Once you arrive at the airport, skip standing in long queues of self-serve kiosks and rather go for the prompts that direct you to the Qantas Australia check in and printing of boarding pass. 

Qantas Domestic Check In Times

Qantas domestic flight check in time at kiosk is as follows- 

Jetstar operated codeshare flights check in time Qantas domestic – (QF5000-QF5999)30 minutes before departure – QF400 and above
Check in time for Qantas domestic flights  connecting to an international  flight (QF400 and above)45 minutes before departure
Check in times for Qantas domestic flights departing from an international terminal in Australia (QF1-QF399)– All group check-ins for domestic flights (QF400 and above)60 minutes before departure 

Qantas Check In Times International Flights

Qantas international check in times are as follows- 

Business/First Class passengers, All Qantas flights departing from an international Australian airport (QF1-QF399) & Jetstar operated codeshare flights departing from an international airport in Australia 60 minutes before departure
Qantas Airways check in times for Economy/Premium Economy Class passengers & All Qantas flights departing from an Australian international airport (QF1-QF399)90 minutes before departure
  1. Ticket Counter Check-In 

If you don’t prefer to go with the option to check in online Qantas Airlines, then you can check in Qantas domestic or check in Qantas international flights by visiting the ticket counter. You can find information on Qantas’s Airport Guide regarding the operating hours and location.

For Qantas flights domestic check in, Premium desks are available for Business Class passengers, Frequent flyers, and Qantas Club members for Qantas domestic check-in baggage.

During Qantas international check in time, you would require the following things-

  • Your E-Ticket and your flight number 
  • Qantas check in without booking reference is not possible. Hence, you would need that too. 
  • Your valid passport 
  • Any other important travel documents required for flying. 

Wondering, how early must the airport check in be done for Qantas flights? It is recommended that you complete your Qantas check in domestic flights at least 30 minutes before your departure. To avoid Qantas check in close for international flights, check in at least 45 minutes before your departure. 

This was all about Qantas check in options!

Please note: Even though this information holds to the best of our knowledge, we recommend you to check in with the official website of Qantas Airlines before you book your flights so as not to miss on any major updates. 

Qantas Baggage Check In Time & More – 

The Qantas check in luggage rules and Qantas baggage allowance for domestic and international flights vary. Here’s a glimpse of  the rules- 

  • As per the Qantas domestic baggage check in time, you should drop your bags at least 30 minutes before your departure
  • The Qantas check in baggage time for international flights is at least 90 minutes before your scheduled departure. 
  • The Qantas domestic check in baggage allowance for flights within Australia on Qantas and QantasLink for single pieces is 32 Kg (70lb). The total dimensions of each piece must not exceed 140cm. 
  • The Qantas check in baggage weight for international flights cannot exceed 42 kg (92lb) for economy-class Qantas club members. The total dimensions of each checked baggage should not exceed 158 cm. 
  • As per the Qantas extra baggage policy, you have to pay $90 per additional piece for domestic flights and $200 per piece for flights between Australia and the Americas. 

That was all about Qantas check in baggage allowance! 

Tip: Whenever you decide to fly with Qantas Airlines don’t forget to get Qantas Travel Insurance for yourself, specially designed to protect you against unexpected events. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the Qantas online check in seat selection process? 

A: If you are looking forward to finding the best seats on a plane, then you can always visit the official website of Qantas Airlines and choose your preferred seat by simply filling out a form. 

Q: With Qantas how early can I check in baggage for domestic flights?

A: As per the Qantas check in times domestic flights passengers must check in 24 hours before departure. The check in time for Qantas domestic flights closes 30 minutes before departure is scheduled.

Q: Can I check-in 2 bags with Qantas? 

A: According to the rules of checked in baggage Qantas Airlines, you can carry 2 pieces of luggage if their combined weight does not exceed 23 Kg with the first piece up to 14. 

Q: What to do in case of Qantas flight delays?

A: In case of Qantas flight delays, you can claim compensation, accommodations, and refunds from the airline as per their flight delay policies. 

Q: Can you take aerosols in checked baggage Qantas?

A: If you plan to carry aerosols in check in baggage Qantas flights, make sure they don’t exceed 100 gms. Do check out the prohibited list of items on a plane before you pack your luggage for Qantas liquids in checked baggage. 

We work hard to provide you with informational guides that will help you have an easy and enjoyable flight experience. Keep returning to our site for more such informative blogs. Have more queries? Do let us know in the comments below. Our team at MyTicketsToIndia is always here to resolve all your queries. 

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