What Does Flight Itinerary Mean? Everything You Need to Know


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When you book a ticket, the airline will send a flight itinerary document to you as well. Most people assume that this itinerary and the ticket are the same things but that’s not true. An itinerary provides a lot of important information regarding your flight’s path. It can help you track the journey and plan accordingly. Let’s explore the flight itinerary meaning in detail today.

Flight Itinerary Meaning

The flight itinerary is a document that provides all the details about your flight. It is sent to the customer’s email along with the booking confirmation, usually in the document with your ticket. It includes:

  • Departure Airport
  • Arrival Airport
  • Departure Time
  • Arrival Time 
  • Departure and Arrival Dates
  • Stopovers or Connecting Flight Airports 
  • Flight Numbers (link flight number page)
  • Passenger Names
  • Meal Preferences if Selected
  • Flight Confirmation Number

As you can see, the flight itineraries contain a lot of important information that you can use to plan your trip. The itinerary can change but the airline will inform you in advance unless there is an emergency.

For example, the airline may be forced to divert the flight in the middle of the journey if there is an aircraft malfunction or natural disaster. 

Different Types of Flight Itineraries

The meaning of itinerary depends on the type of journey you have to undergo. Here’s a look at the different types of itineraries you may receive from the airline:

1. One-Way Flight Itinerary

The one-way itinerary is for the one-way flight. For example, if you take a flight from Sydney to New Delhi, you are on a one-way flight. This type of itinerary is usually for trips from one city to another with/without stopovers. You will know when you depart from Sydney and when you land in New Delhi along with information like gates, terminals, etc. 

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2. Round Trip Flight Itinerary

A round-trip itinerary includes a return journey. For example, if you book Bangalore to Sydney flights and back, the itinerary will include details about when you depart from Bangalore, land in Sydney, depart from Sydney, and then land in Bangalore. This includes the departure and arrival gate and terminal information as well. 

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3. Open-Jaw Itinerary

If you like city-hopping, your itinerary will be open jaw. That happens when your flight is from one city to another and then another without returning to the original departure destination. For example, if you fly from Melbourne to New Delhi and from New Delhi to Jaipur on the same ticket, the itinerary will be an open-jaw itinerary.  

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4. Multi-Airline Itinerary

If you have connecting flights across different airlines, you will get a multi-airline flight itinerary.

For example– if you travel from Melbourne to Singapore on a Singapore Airlines flight and from Singapore to Mumbai on an Emirates flight, your itinerary will include itineraries of these different airlines. 

5. Group Flight Itineraries

Many people travel in groups but have the same ticket. If you have booked a ticket for five or six people at the same time, you will only get one group itinerary that includes the travel information of every passenger. It is only considered a group itinerary if the group is travelling on a single ticket. 

These are the most common types of flight itineraries available. The information contained within them remains the same. 

What is the Difference between a Flight Itinerary and a Flight Ticket?

The flight itinerary and ticket are two different things. You can travel without the itinerary, though it may be a bit inconvenient when you need access to the information. However, you can’t travel without a ticket. The ticket will include information like PNR number, flight number, gate number, terminal, and more.

An itinerary is usually not a replacement for the ticket. Be aware of the differences before you leave your home. Make sure you have a copy of your ticket at hand throughout the trip.

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Can I Get an Itinerary Without Paying?

Yes, some airlines will allow passengers to reserve their plane itinerary for a set time. For example, airlines can reserve your itinerary for 24 hours at a fixed price without charging any fee. Some will reserve it for up to 72 hours for a small fee with no fixed price guarantee. 

This can be very helpful if you plan to apply for a visa or need to think a little over the trip details and cost. Our travel agents can help you get a dummy flight itinerary so you have some idea of how your trip will go once you book the ticket. 

Now that you know the flight itinerary meaning, you can plan your trip and make sure you have proper arrangements for any long stopovers. If you’re uncertain about any aspect of the itinerary, speak with your travel agent to get more information. They will help you understand what’s included in your trip. 


Q. Do I need flight itineraries for visa application?

Ans: Yes, you do need itineraries for visa application. The authorities want to know when you leave and when you will return. They specifically want to ensure your return tickets are confirmed, especially if you’re applying for a tourist visa. This is an indication that the traveller doesn’t intend to remain in the country illegally, without undergoing proper migration procedures. 

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Q. How do I check my itinerary?

Ans: You can check your itinerary by looking at your booking confirmation email. Most airlines will send a detailed flight itinerary along with your official ticket confirmation document. You can also check the information by looking up flight details on the airline or travel agency’s website. 

Q. Do we need a flight itinerary?

Ans: Yes, as itineraries make travel planning smoother and more efficient. You know where you will be at all times and can make other arrangements like hotel reservations, car rentals, airport pickup, etc, accordingly. 

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Now you know why flight itineraries are important. It is time to get one for your trip and that’s where we step in. 

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