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India is a gorgeous and enchanting tourist destination that is popular all over the world for its history, culture, and diversity. The country is well known for attracting tourists and spiritual seekers from all around the world. Being the country of origin for Yoga, it comes as no surprise that many tourists from all across the globe come to India to gain firsthand experience of the practice of Yoga. 

The country of India is further teeming with some amazing species of flora and fauna. There are also amazing tourist destinations in India, which caters to people of all cultures and ages. With so many holiday destinations to choose from here are some of the best places to visit in India for a weekend getaway.

Leh (Adventure Playground of India)

This is one of the adventure capitals of India. It has three notable mountain passes that can be easily accessed through a vehicle. Leh is well known for its dry and snow adventure activities. It also is home to many distinct cultures, gorgeous and tranquil monasteries, mesmerizing natural beauty, and its extremely warm and hospitable locals. If you happen to be an adrenaline junkie then, Leh is one of the best places to visit with friends in India. 

Andaman-Nicobar Islands (Slice of Heaven)

This is the best destination to visit with your friends and family, consisting of a group of small islands. Each one of these islands is famous for its pristine beaches and adventure activities. From snorkeling to leisurely boat rides, Andaman Islands have lots to offer to everyone. 

Shimla City (Queen of the hills)


This is a popular tourist destination which is situated amidst the north-western part of Himalayas and it is also known popularly as the ‘Queen of Hills’. Shimla’s colonial past is quite visible even today and it is quite evident by the peculiar neo-gothic architectures which are enveloped by lush greenery. It is one of the best places to visit with family during June and the Mall road which is the hub of the city is a must-visit. 

Agra (Pride of India)


This is one of the must-visit places while you are vacationing in India, as it is the home to the breathtaking Taj Mahal, which is one of the must-visit places in India before you die. The Taj Mahal is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and was built by Shah Jahan to pay homage to his third wife. 

Another place worth seeing in Agra is the Agra Fort and this site also holds the title of UNESCO world heritage site. At a distance of 13 km away from the fort you can visit Akbar’s tomb, a marvelous red sandstone tomb with astounding architecture. 

Ooty (Queen of Nilgiris)


This is a hill station which is one of the best places to visit for couples in India. It has excellent weather conditions, gorgeous scenic views, and a very friendly local population. You can also visit the Thread Garden, which is a beautiful garden made completely out of embroidered cloth. You can also visit Ooty lake to enjoy boating with your friends and family. 

Haridwar (Gateway to Heaven)


The meaning of the name of this mythical Indian city is literally “ the door to heaven”. This city is considered a holy Hindu destination and is one of the best places to visit in India with family. One can go with their friends and families for treks which are available all around the year. Another thing to be kept in mind is that Haridwar is one of the seven holiest cities and one of the must-visit places for people looking to visit spiritual destinations. 

Sundarbans (India’s Largest Mangrove)


If you are looking to visit one of the best natural places to visit in India, then, in that case, Sunderbans should be on top of your list. While visiting Sunderbans you can see the Royal Bengal Tiger and many other unique species of flora and fauna. Also, did you know that the Mangrove forest of Sunderbans is a UNESCO world heritage site?

Coorg (Land of Beautiful Green Hills)


This destination is also known as the “Scotland of India” as it has gorgeous scenery, vertiginous cliffs, and lush coffee plantations. It is one of the best places to visit in May with family and friends as it has something to offer for both caffeine and adventure lovers. On top of that, the wonderful weather doesn’t hurt either. 

Goa (Beaches, Seafood and Parties)

If you come to India and do not visit this vibrant party spot, then you are surely missing out on something truly incredible. Not only is the Union territory of Goa teeming with loads of shacks and pubs, but it also is one of the most popular spots for party-goers. One must plan to visit Goa during the winter months, as it is one of the best places to visit in India in January with friends. 

Apart from the never-ending party scene, you can also go for the banana boat ride at the Vagator beach, or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous then you can go paragliding at Calangute. 

Diu Island ( Experience Breathtaking Coastal Beauty)


When you are visiting Diu, you will be taken back in time to when the Portuguese were in control of the area. This quaint little tiny beach town is brimming with several museums, Temples, and other architectures, which are sure to leave you awestruck. Visiting Diu island will surely give you an experience that no other place in India can offer you. One should plan a trip to Diu during the cold weather, as it is one of the best places to visit with friends in India during the winter months. 

Rann of Kutch (Experience the Panoramic Views)


This is a popular tourist destination which is situated in the state of Gujarat. A salt desert, Rann of Kutch is similar to the Bolivian Salt Flats in the Andes Mountains. Each year the Gujarat government has a three-month-long fair where you will get to witness amazing campfire dances, mind-blowing camel shows, etc. Rann of Kutch is one of the most sought-after places to go with your friends and family during the winter months, as during this period the Rann Utsav is hosted. 

Assam ( Land Of The Indian Rhino)


When visiting Assam be prepared to be blown away by the natural beauty, stunning flora, and fauna of the Kaziranga National Park. The wildlife expedition is unlike any other jungle safari, as there are activities like jungle trekking, boat rides which are organized from December to April. One can take a boat trip on the Brahmaputra river to see the majestic animals in their natural habitat. The gorgeous scenic beauty of Assam makes it one of the best places to visit in India with friends and family.

Jim Corbett (Home of The India Tiger)


It is one of the most famous national parks in India and is renowned all over the world for its tiger sightings. Jim Corbett is one of the destinations in India where luxury co-exists with the wilderness in perfect harmony. One can enjoy the hospitality of the splendid jungle resorts, where you can be closer to nature while enjoying all the comforts of a five-star establishment. If you are a wildlife lover then this place is a must-visit for you. One must visit Jim Corbett from October to February as it is one of the best places to visit in India during the winter.   

Udaipur (Venice of The East)

This destination is also called the city of lakes and it has to be on your list of the best places to visit in India. Udaipur has some of the best luxury hotels and lakes in the whole of India. If you are on a tight budget while traveling to Udaipur, in that case, you can opt for the plethora of budget hotels that are there in the city. Apart from sightseeing, trekking, and boating, there are also the rusting markets of Udaipur where you can treat yourself to a day of shopping. 

Khajjiar (Natural Scenic Beauty in Abundance)


This is a quaint little hill station that is situated in Himachal Pradesh and is endowed with an abundance of natural scenic beauty. At an altitude of 6500 ft, Khajjiar is surrounded by thick, lush, and dense forests, and it is also home to a popular pilgrimage site, the Khajji Nag temple. Due to the numerous adventure activities which include trekking, paragliding, horse riding, etc, this destination is one of the must-visit places during summers in India.

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Below We Have Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q What makes India so special?

Ans: There are four major reasons why one must visit India:

  • Affordability: India is considered as one of the most affordable vacation spots by many.
  • Hospitality: The locals in India are very hospitable to foreigners and are also more than forthcoming when it comes to helping out in case any need arises.
  • Communication: Most of the Indians are fluent in English and also Wi-Fi is widely available.
  • Caters to everyone: India has to offer marvellous history, culture, adventure, yoga, Ayurveda, religion and spirituality

Q What are the things you should pack for the places to visit in India?

Ans: It is purely dependent on the destination which you will be visiting and the season when you will be planning your visit. India has a diverse climate and it is generally warmer in the days and colder in the evenings. Try to carry a light jacket and also carry shoes or sandals which are comfortable to wear. Also, try to carry some conservative clothing in case you want to visit some religious sites. 

Q Is India a safe country?

Ans: India is a big country and for its size, the country has a very low crime rate. However, any foreigners coming to India, they should be conscious of their surroundings. Make sure that if you are coming to India for your vacations, you take care of your belongings and be careful of the pickpockets and other scams. 

Q Are Indians fluent in English?

Ans: English is widely spoken throughout India and in India English is taught to children from a very young age in school. English is a very important commercial, cultural and national interest and it is spoken by 40% of the population.

Q Which places are the best to visit with friends and family?

Ans: India is a very fast and diverse country with so many different things to see that sometimes planning your itinerary becomes quite a difficult task. To help you get over this problem we have compiled a list of the best places to visit in India with family and friends.

Hopefully, this blog gives you the impetus to visit India for your next vacation. If you wish to get more help from us in planning your next vacation, then be sure to visit our website.

Q How should you dress up while visiting a religious site?

Ans: To be respectful and not offend anyone, the best way to dress up while visiting religious sites in India is to cover your knees and head. Women should try wearing loose wearing dresses and men should try wearing plain shirts/T-shirts to all of the religious places.

Hopefully, this blog gives you the impetus to visit India for your next vacation. If you wish to get more help in getting cheap flights from India to Australia, then be sure to get in touch with us at the earliest.

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