Cathay Pacific Check In Policy – A Detailed Guide

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Before you board a Cathay Pacific Airways flight, make sure you’re familiar with their Cathay Pacific check in rules. The Cathay Pacific checkin process can differ depending on the type of flight and the airport, so being well-informed ensures a smooth boarding experience. Failing to check in on time could result in missing your flight.

So, skim through our guide to Cathay Pacific check in policy & process and travel smart!

Cathay Pacific Check in Options

For customer convenience, Cathay Pacific has introduced various check-in options. These options are as follows –

Cathay Pacific Online Check In

Cathay Pacific online check-in allows passengers to conveniently check in with Cathay Pacific and choose their preferred seats using Cathay Pacific seat booking facility on their own devices. The facility is available for all Cathay Pacific flights, except codeshare agreement flights and charters operated by other airlines. Please note that you can online check in in Cathay Pacific only if you are a registered Cathay Pacific member. You can sign up for their membership easily by visiting the Cathay Pacific Signup page. 

Online Cathay Pacific Check In Time – 

Between 48 and 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight (For instance – Melbourne to Delhi flights and back).

  • Between 24 hours and 1 hour for flights to/from LA, Chicago, San Francisco, or New York.

Steps For Online Check In With Cathay Pacific

  • Go to the official Cathay Pacific website to start with your online Cathay Pacific check in.
  • Navigate to the “Manage Booking” page.
  • Fill in your booking details to access your reservation for an online check in Cathay Pacific.
  • Click on the ‘Check-in’ tab.
  • Enter your member sign-in information, such as Marco Polo Club, Asia Miles, or your registered account details.
  • Put your username or membership number and click “Sign in.”
  • Locate your booking by entering your first and last names, E-ticket numbers, or reservation references. Then, click “Next.”
  • Confirm your selection for Cathay Pacific check in online.

Note: During the check-in process, you can choose your seat, purchase additional luggage, reserve a special meal, and obtain your mobile boarding pass.

Who Is Not Eligible For Cathay Pacific Online Check In?

  • Those without an e-ticket.
  • Individuals requiring medical attention.
  • Passengers requesting a wheelchair.
  • Unaccompanied minors flying with Cathay Pacific.
  • Travelers using Cathay Pacific’s pet travel service.
  • Those opting for a “Cabin Baggage Occupying Seat.”
  • Passengers who booked an additional seat.
  • Individuals with a group reservation.

Cathay Airways Check In With Mobile

Cathay Pacific flight check in with Mobile app enables passengers to conveniently check in and select their preferred seats using their personal devices.

Cathay Pacific Mobile App Check-In Timeframe:

  • For flights operated by Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, and codeshare partners, you can check in using the mobile app between 48 hours and 1.5 hours before departure
  • For flights to/from LA, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York, the Cathay Air Pacific check in time through the mobile app is between 24 hours and 90 minutes before departure.

Steps Involved In Cathay Pacific Mobile Check-In Process

  • Download the Cathay Pacific mobile app
  • Go to the “Manage Booking” section to manage booking Cathay flights.
  • Fill in the necessary details to access your flight booking.
  • Tap to select the specific flight segment you want to check in for.
  • Add any baggage or make special requests as needed.
  • Once you’ve chosen your flight, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the check-in process.
  • Click the ‘Check-In’ button to complete your Cathay Pacific online check-in with mobile. 
  • Your mobile boarding pass will be sent to your email, containing a QR code.

Cathay Pacific Kiosk Check In

Passengers can easily use the kiosk to check in and obtain their boarding pass if they don’t wish to go for Cathay Pacific Airways web check in. 

Eligible Passengers For Kiosk Check In With Cathay Pacific

  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Passengers requiring medical assistance
  • Passengers travelling in a group with Cathay pacific au flights. 
  • Those with flight bookings that require an additional fee

Self-Service Kiosks Cathay Check In Time

You can complete the check in cathay pacific process at any Self Check-In Kiosk from 50 minutes to 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure. This time frame applies to all airports with Self Check-In Kiosks, except for Beijing International Airport, London Heathrow Airport, and O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

Steps Involved In Cathay Pacific Kiosk Check-In Process

Here are the steps you need to follow for Cathay Pacific AU Kiosk check in process-

Access your reservation by inserting or swiping your Cathay membership card or entering your Cathay Pacific booking reference number.

Select the flight you want to check in Cathay Pacific airways for.

Use the interactive seat map to choose your preferred seat and easily manage Cathay booking flight process.

Print your Cathay Pacific international boarding pass.

Cathay Pacific Counter Check In At The Airport

Passengers who are unable to use the self-service kiosks for Cathay Pacific check-in or don’t go for Cathay Pacific Airlines web check in must do so at the airport.

Counter Check In Time For Cathaypacific Check In

Ensure you arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours before your flight’s departure to obtain your boarding card before the check-in counters close. Here are the specific times based on locations to ensure you complete your Cathay Pacific check in time :

Hong Kong45 minutes before departure
Riyadh or North America60 minutes before departure
New York, London, Tel Aviv, Colombo, Dubai, Kolkata, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, and Madrid 70 minutes before departure
Dubai75 minutes before departure

Steps Involved In Cathay Pacific Counter Check In Process

  • Head to the Cathay Pacific check-in desk at the airport, present your ticket and ID, drop off your bags, and receive your boarding pass.
  • Confirm that the information on your boarding pass, such as your name, flight number, and destination, is correct.
  • Adhere to Cathay Pacific’s baggage policy, ensuring your bags are properly marked, labelled, and checked in. Remember to keep the receipts for your checked baggage.
  • Gather your travel documents, and tickets and check your flight number before reaching the airport.
  • Complete any other necessary steps according to the schedule.

Note – Be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart.

Checklist For Cathay Pacific Check-In | Cathay Pacific Check In Online 

  • Make sure your passport is valid.
  • Check the visa requirements for your international destination.
  • Some countries mandate airlines to collect API, including passport information and travel itinerary,  which may also be the case during the Cathay Airlines check in.
  • Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure, as international flights often involve lengthier security and immigration procedures.
  • Familiarize yourself with Cathay Pacific baggage allowance.
  • Understand the customs and regulations at the destination airport.

Point to Remember – However, you can always contact the airline’s customer service for more information.

How To Get A Cathay Pacific Boarding Pass?

  • Self-Print Boarding Pass: After completing your Cathay Pacific web check in, you can print your boarding pass at home using your printer with an internet connection.
  • Online Boarding Pass: A mobile boarding pass is available to all passengers who have opted for Cathay online checkin. This digital boarding card is accepted at selected airports.

However, the airline does not accept boarding passes in the following circumstances:

  • Passengers with connecting flights through airports other than Hong Kong.
  • Those with same-day return flights or flights within 24 hours.
  • Travelers with infants.
  • Unaccompanied minors.
  • Passengers with air and ferry ticket combinations.

Cathay Pacific Contact Number Australia

If you still find any issues or face any queries, reach out to Cathay Pacific contact Australia team. Here’s the information – 

  • Cathay Pacific Australia contact number (WhatsApp) – +852 2747 2747
  • Cathay Pacific Sydney Airport Contact Number – +61 131 747; +61 02 8337 9251
  • Cathay Pacific Adelaide Airport Contact Number – +61 131 747
  • Cathay Pacific Melbourne Airport Contact Number – +61 131 747; +61 3 7007 4665
  • Cathay Pacific Brisbane Airport Contact Number – +61 131 747; +61 7 3114 1277

Check-In Policies For Other Airlines

All the airlines have their check-in policies just like Cathay Pacific Airways check in. To provide you with a thorough understanding, we’ve gathered information on the check-in policies of popular airlines, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I check in my luggage early with Cathay Pacific?

A: You can drop off your bag at the counters as early as 1 day before and up to 2 hours before your departure time to complete your cathay check in luggage process.

Q: How many flights can I check with Cathay Pacific online check?

A: Upto 8 flights can be checked in with Cathay Pacific. 

Q: What is the Cathay Pacific student discount?

A: The Cathay student discount is specially designed for students to help them avail of cheaper Cathay booking at flights. Availing student discounts if you are eligible for it remains one of our favorite tips to book cheap flights from Australia to India. 

Q: Are there any Cathay Pacific flights to Melbourne from India?

  A: Yes, regular flights from Melbourne to India fly through Cathay Au.

That’s almost everything we have for you about the Cathay Pacific check in policy. If you have any questions about Cathay Pacific details, need help with bookings, or have check-in queries, MyTicketsToIndia is here to assist you. 

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*Although the information provided here is accurate and regularly updated, please visit the airline’s website for more details. MyTicketsToIndia is not responsible for any consequences or sudden changes made by the airline.

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