Australia To India Flight Schedule (February & March)

Australia To India Flight Schedule

Posted on Feb 23rd, 2021 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Jun 22nd, 2022

Looking to book flights to India from Australia so you can return to the comfort of your home with your loved ones? MyTicketsToIndia has a ready-reckoner for you to make your flight-bookings a hassle-free process. 

We have listed the flight schedule of Vande Bharat Flights for the month of February and March that you can refer to and plan your journey in advance. 

Australia To India Vande Bharat Flight Schedule 

22-Feb-21 AI 0301 SYDNEY 8:30 pm DELHI 04:10 am

01-Mar-21 AI 0301 SYDNEY 8:30 pm DELHI 04:10 am

08-Mar-21 AI 0301 SYDNEY 8:30 pm DELHI 04:10 am

15-Mar-21 AI 0301 SYDNEY 8:30 pm DELHI 04:10 am

22-Mar-21 AI 0301 SYDNEY 8:30 pm DELHI 04:10 am 

Where Can You Book Vande Bharat Australia To India Flights?

Booking Vande Bharat flights with MyTicketsToIndia is a great choice, given that we are a leading online ticket booking agency with IATA accreditation. That also makes us a much more trustworthy option in comparison to many others in the travel industry. With us, you get 24*7 customer care service and a live chat option. So, whatever queries you may have, can be resolved within minutes. You also get to pay for your flight tickets via our secure payment pathways. So, you can always ensure safe transactions when you purchase your tickets with us. You can easily make reservations for your Air India Vande Bharat flights via call. This ensures that you can skip hours of searching and get the one-on-one assistance offered by our travel agents.

book Australia to India flights

What Are Vande Bharat Flights? 

Vande Bharat Flights are special flights that are being offered since the normal flights were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These flights are being operated by Air India, which is the flag carrier of the country. Air India is a major airline that is a member of the Star Alliance. All the flights operated by Air India are extremely comfortable and offer great hospitality by the staff.

Do I Need The PCR Test For Vande Bharat Flights?

A PCR test or COVID negative test is a requirement for taking a Vande Bharat Flight. It must be noted that the test should be conducted 96 hours or 3 days before the departure of the flight. The results of the test are only valid within this period. Beyond this time limit, the test results will not be accepted and you would need to take another test with another negative result.

What Is The Check In Process For Vande Bharat Flights?

Passengers are required to use the web check in option to get the boarding pass for these flights. Due to the new rules that are in place, web check in is mandatory for all passengers. A printed copy of the boarding pass should also be kept in advance. Passengers who haven’t checked in online cannot check in at the airport. Passengers are also required to print luggage tags and attach them to their bags. Luggage without printed luggage tags will also not be accepted at the airport counter.

Canceling My Vande Bharat Flight Tickets

You can easily cancel your Vande Bharat Flight Tickets when you make your reservations with MyTicketsToIndia. However, the cancellation and refund policy is subject to certain rules and conditions. You must ensure that you cancel your flight tickets in time to be eligible for a refund. 

Tempted to book India flights now that the process sounds super easy? All you have to do is give us a call @1-844-542-1818 for free quotes and to get all the information about the deals we offer.

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