Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills India

Nandi Hills, near Bangalore, is a historic site with a varied past. Once a fort during the Chola dynasty, it later served as a stronghold for Tipu Sultan and the British. Today, it’s a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty, cool climate, and ancient temples. Visitors flock here for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and to explore its rich history.

LocationChikkaballapur district, Karnataka, India
Elevation1,478 meters (4,846 feet) above sea level
Distance from BangaloreApproximately 60 kilometers (37 miles)
ClimatePleasant throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 25°C (50°F to 77°F)
AttractionsNandi Temple, Tipu’s Drop, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Amruth Sarovar (Lake), Paragliding
Historical SignificanceFormer summer retreat for Tipu Sultan and the British
ActivitiesTrekking, cycling, sunrise/sunset viewing, paragliding
AccessibilityWell-connected by road from Bangalore, regular buses and taxis available
FacilitiesParking, food stalls, restroom facilities, accommodation options nearby
LocationChikkaballapur district, Karnataka, India
Elevation1,478 meters (4,846 feet) above sea level

Historical Background of the Nandi Hills India

Nandi Hills, located near Bangalore, has a rich history dating back centuries. Originally known as Ananda Giri or the Hill of Happiness, it served as a strategic fortress during the Chola dynasty in the 9th century. Later, it became a prominent stronghold for Tipu Sultan and subsequently for the British colonial rulers due to its strategic location. Over the years, Nandi Hills has transformed into a popular tourist destination known for its stunning views and ancient temples, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Things To Do In Nandi Hills

  • Enjoy the sunrise –  Wake up early and watch the beautiful sunrise in Nandi Hills.(Sunrise – 5:30AM) 
  • Trekking – Take a hike along the trails and enjoy the scenic views.
  • Paragliding – Experience the thrill of flying by paragliding in Nandi hills. 
  • Visit Tipu’s Drop – See the famous cliff where Tipu Sultan used to punish prisoners by dropping them.
  • Explore Tipu’s Summer Palace – Visit the historical palace and learn about Tipu Sultan’s life.
  • Picnic – Pack some snacks and have a relaxing picnic with friends and family amidst nature.
  • Photography – Capture the stunning landscapes and wildlife through your camera lens.

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How to Reach Nandi Hills

  • By Bus – Reach Kampegowda International Airport from Delhi and then a direct bus to Nadi hills 
  • By Flight – Take a direct flight to Kampegowda International Airport and then book a taxi or rent a car.
  • By Train – Reach Nadi Halt station from Delhi and then take a bus or car to Nadi Hills.

The best time to Visit Nandi Hills India

For the best experience at Nandi Hills Karnataka, aim for early mornings or late afternoons from September to February. Nandi Hills weather in the Mornings offers peaceful moments and stunning sunrise views. Afternoons, however, can get hot and crowded, so it’s best to avoid them. Late afternoons provide a lovely sunset to watch.

Unknown Facts About the Nandi Hills

  • Nandi Hills got its name from a temple called Nandi Temple located at the bottom of the hills. The temple has fancy doors covered in brass..
  • Long ago, Tipu Sultan, a king, liked to spend his summers at Nandi Hills.
  • From Nandi Hills Karnataka, you can see a wide view of the land around, including the city of Bangalore.
  • Nandi Hills Karnataka is cooler than the city because it’s up high at 4850 feet above the sea.
  • People who like walking in nature and those who love nature like to go to Nandi Hills.
  • The people who ruled the area before built some walls around Nandi Hills. Later, another ruler named Hyder Ali made them stronger.
  • Nandi Hills is home to many different plants and animals.
  • There are lots of places on Nandi Hills where you can see really pretty sunrises and sunsets. People who love taking pictures and nature really like it there.

Places To Visit Near Nandi Hills

  • Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple – Ancient temple with intricate carvings, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple is just 8 km away from Nandi Hills. 
  • Muddenahalli – This is the Birthplace of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, known for scenic beauty and educational institutions. Muddenahalli is just 15 km away from Nandi Hills. 
  • Tipu’s Drop – Cliff where Tipu Sultan punished prisoners, offering thrilling views. Tipu’s Drop is just 18 km away from the Nadi hills. 
  • Amrita Sarovar – Sacred pond near Nandi Hills, believed to have medicinal properties. Amrita Sarovar is just 1 km away from the Nandi hills 
  • Tipu’s Summer Residence – Historical palace where Tipu Sultan spent summers, showcasing architectural grandeur. Tipu’s summer Residence is just  15 km from Nandi Hills. 
  • Brahmashram – Spiritual retreat is known for its serene ambiance and meditation. Brahmashram is just 8 km away from Nandi hills. 
  • Skandagiri – Popular trekking destination near Nandi Hills, offering panoramic views and adventure. Skandagiri is just 14 km away from the Nandi hills.

Visitor Guidelines and Pro Tips 

  • Go early to Nandi Hills to avoid big crowds and see the beautiful sunrise.
  • Wear comfy shoes because you’ll be walking on rough ground.
  • Bring enough water and snacks because there aren’t many shops there.
  • Keep Nandi Hills clean by not throwing garbage around.
  • Protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.
  • Stay safe by walking on the paths that are marked for you.
  • Watch out for monkeys and keep your stuff safe.
  • Have fun looking at the pretty views and be a good tourist.
  • Be careful of monkeys.

Other Activities To Do in Bangalore

In Bangalore, you can visit Cubbon Park for a peaceful walk or see animals at Bannerghatta National Park. Explore history at Bangalore Palace or marvel at modern tech in the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. For fun, try boating at Ulsoor Lake or shopping at MG Road. Enjoy Tourism In  Bangalore now!

Other Popular Attractions in India

visit the iconic Taj Mahal, a symbol of love in Agra, or explore the Pink City of Jaipur for its forts and palaces. Experience spirituality at Varanasi’s ghats or admire the beauty of Kerala’s backwaters. Enjoy wildlife safaris in Ranthambore or marvel at the grandeur of Mumbai’s Gateway of India. Experience tourism in India for unforgettable memories!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to trek at Nandi Hills?

A: The Nandi Hills trek depends on various factors such as weather conditions, personal fitness level, and adherence to designated trails. It’s generally safe if precautions like staying hydrated, wearing appropriate footwear, and avoiding risky areas are followed. However, it’s advisable to check with local authorities for any specific safety guidelines before trekking.

Q: Can I visit Nandi Hills India with family and kids?

A: Yes, Nandi Hills is suitable for a family visit, including children. Families can enjoy activities like sightseeing, picnicking, and exploring nature trails together. 

Q: What are the best activities to do at Nandi Hills?

A: The best things to do at Nandi Hills are watching the sunrise, enjoying the views, walking, and trekking.

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