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Flights to Coimbatore from Melbourne - Best Deals

Check out our cheap ticket deals on Melbourne to Coimbatore flights and book them at unbelievably low airfares (starting from $443) with MyTicketsToIndia. We offer unbeatable discounts on flight tickets to Coimbatore from Melbourne.

Avail Melbourne To Coimbatore Flights At Cheap Rates

Looking to explore South India this year? There is no better place than Coimbatore for you. This place is famous for its textile industry, spares, motor pump sets, engineering goods. It is located in Tamil Nadu. It is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu. You will be surely amazed to visit this place. Book Melbourne to Coimbatore flights with us at very economical prices and fulfil your travel expectations quite easily. The airlines offer a wide range of flights, including one-way, round-trip, direct, and connecting flights.

Here in this page, you will get to know the ideal time to visit to Coimbatore, which airlines fly between this route, tips and tricks to grab the lowest fares on flight bookings and many more. Before booking the flight, do an extensive survey of all the flight prices published by the major airlines and what services and facilities they are offering in that price range such as legroom, wifi, in seat power outlet, etc. These short measures will help you a lot in getting the best flight deal for you.

Airlines Which Fly From Melbourne To Coimbatore

Looking for some popular and best airline brand for booking your flights within this route. No problem, allow us to sort this query for you. There are a number of international carriers, including Scoot, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Vistara, Etihad, and Srilankan Airlines. Have a deep research about the airline legroom, wifi facilities available in the airline or not, look for any other promotional offers and discounts provided by the airline. The flight should have minimum layovers as it can save you from boredom. You have the option of selecting an airline that meets your needs and budget.

Melbourne to Coimbatore Route Information

Departure Airport Tullamarine Airport
Destination Airport Coimbatore Airport
Melbourne to Coimbatore flight Distance 8,893 km
Melbourne to Coimbatore flight Time 19h 20m
Melbourne to Coimbatore Discounts Up to $35 Off
Cheapest Day to Book Tuesday & Wednesday (Weekdays)
Cheapest Month to Fly
12:50 AM
Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

We bring you the current time in Coimbatore so you can plan your trip well.

Tips To Get Lowest Fares On Melbourne To Coimbatore Flights

Are you planning to travel from Melbourne to Coimbatore but don’t want to spend a fortune? If yes, then you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will provide you with some helpful tips to get cheap flights from Melbourne to Coimbatore.

Other Popular Melbourne To India Flights

For booking Melbourne to India flights with us, you can check out some popular flight options below before reserving the ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What airlines offer flights from Melbourne to Coimbatore?

A1. Scoot, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Srilankan Airlines, Etihad, and Vistara are the major airlines that offer flights for this route.

Q2. Are there any direct flights from Melbourne to Coimbatore?

A2. Melbourne to Coimbatore direct flights are not available. You can get only connecting flights within route. But make sure that you must confirm with the airline as well for the same.

Q3. What is the best way to get cheap flights from Melbourne to Coimbatore?

A3. The best way to avail of flights from Melbourne to India is by booking as early as you can and by following the tips which are mentioned.

Q4. Are there any discounts available for booking flights from Melbourne to Coimbatore?

A4. Yes, some airlines offer discounts and promotional fares when booking Melbourne to Coimbatore flight tickets. It is best to contact the airline for the latest discounts and offers.

Q5. What is the average cost of a flight from Melbourne to Coimbatore?

A5. The average cost of flights from Melbourne to Coimbatore are between the range of $500 to $2,000. It depends a lot on the airline which you have selected, time of booking which you have chosen.

Q: Can I find Coimbatore to Melbourne flights for booking?

A: Yes, you can definitely find Coimbatore to Melbourne flights available for booking, both as round-trip options and one-way flights.

Other Famous Australia to Coimbatore Routes

Take flights to Coimbatore from Australia and save money on airline tickets by booking early. You can check out some popular flights below before making the bookings.

About Coimbatore

The Manchester of South India – Your Australia to Coimbatore flights will take you to an urban city that is packed with mystical temples, beautiful lakes and natural attractions. Coimbatore is the 15th largest city in India and has a great fusion of new and old eras. The history of this ancient city dates back to the 2nd century and today it houses textile, spinning and weaving mills. The city offers a great opportunity for the locals to grow meanwhile the natural beauty of this place enthrals travellers from all around. So, if you are looking for an enchanting yet interesting holiday experience, Coimbatore is the place to go. 

Things to Do in & Around Coimbatore

  • Take A Dip At Silver Beach: May take around 6 hours to reach Coimbatore but Silver Beach is located in the alluring town of Cuddalore. The beach is 57 km long and makes it one of the longest beaches in India. The place is heaven for souls who wants to do nothing but just sunbathe and relax like the main character of the tropics. 
  • Visit the Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park: A huge protected area with 21 small islands,  the Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park is a must-visit destination that lies 404.9 km from the Coimbatore airport. The place was announced as a national park in 1986 and is over 10 km away from the east coast of Tamil Nadu. 
  • Meditate At AdiYogi Shiva Centre: Lies 41.9 km away from the Coimbatore airport, AdiYogi Shiva Centre is the world’s largest bust sculpture. This beauty was designed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev to inspire people to get spiritually strong and get fit with yoga and meditation. The height of 112ft of the statue symbolizes 112 chakras in the human system. 

Why Choose MyTicketsToIndia For Cheap Flights To Coimbatore From Melbourne

MyTicketsToIndia is the ideal location to explore the world and find solutions to all of your issues in one location. From the millions of flights that are available online, you can find the best deals on flights from Melbourne to Coimbatore. We deal with our customers honestly, and there are no hidden fees or additional costs. Our clients are always aware of where their money goes. Feel free to enjoy some great festive deals, business deals, last minute flight deals, and group deals. We have plenty of flight booking options for you. 

You can select and reserve the flight according to your preferences. We have a fully functional customer support platform which will help you at every step in placing the booking. It is working 24/7, so feel free to call us anytime. The payment methods and all the sensitive credentials of yours will be truly secured and encrypted.

**You can also reserve flights to Australia from India at the cheapest airfares.

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