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Air New Zealand baggage allowance & rules are fairly straightforward. Air New Zealand is one of the most respected airlines in the skies today. The carrier is very popular among travelers in Oceania and South Asia, providing great service at reasonable costs. If you plan to travel on this airline, you must know the Air New Zealand baggage fees & allowances

Air New Zealand Carry On Size

The carry on luggage size depends on your class of travel. People on the premium economy, business class, and first-class tickets will get a better baggage allowance. Let’s take a look at the Air New Zealand carry on baggage size and weight requirements:

  • Economy – Economy class travelers can carry one cabin luggage weighing no more than 7 kg and one small bag like a laptop bag, handbag, or diaper bag. The size of the luggage shouldn’t exceed 118 cm in total dimensions. 
  • Premium Economy and Above – People in the premium economy, business class, elite members, Star Alliance Gold members, etc, are allowed two pieces of luggage that weigh no more than 14 kgs combined. A single piece of luggage shouldn’t weigh more than 10 kg. Your Air New Zealand carry-on baggage size shouldn’t exceed 118 cm in total dimensions.

Air NZ cabin baggage policy is standard for most airlines in this region. You can use the luggage you use for trips on Qantas or Singapore Airlines flights here. If the cabin luggage size or weight exceeds the size requirements, the airline will place it in the cargo and you may need to pay additional fees.

Air New Zealand checked baggage allowance

All Air New Zealand tickets include a set checked-in baggage allowance unless you’re travelling on a seat-only ticket. The seat-only ticket only allows cabin luggage. The baggage allowance is usually mentioned on your ticket. 

The airline provides a baggage calculator to help you determine what you can carry on your ticket based on the combination of services you have chosen. Here’s a brief look at Air New Zealand baggage allowance requirements:

  • Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance for Domestic (economy)  – Seat+Bag with Flexi Time and Smart Saver Packages – One checked bag not weighing more than 23 kg with a total dimension of 158 cm. 
  • Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance for international (economy) – Seat+Bag with The Works – One checked bag not weighing more than 23 kg with a total dimension of 158 cm.
  • Works Deluxe or Premium Economy – Two checked bags not weighing more than 23 kg each with a total dimension of 158 cm each.
  • Business Class – Three checked bags not weighing more than 23 kg each with a total dimension of 158 cm each.

The maximum number of checked bags allowed is three per person even if you book an Air New Zealand extra bag.

Air New Zealand extra baggage allowance

Passengers are allowed to take more baggage than their ticket allows as long as they don’t exceed the 3 bags limit placed by the airline. If you want to take more than three bags, it is best to look at the baggage transfer or cargo options. They will be more affordable and also quite secure. 

Any bag that exceeds the airline’s weight and size requirements has to be transported by cargo. The airline won’t permit them even if you want to pay the additional fee. 

The Air New Zealand extra bag cost depends on your departure airport and destination. You’ll find the full list on the Air New Zealand website. For example, you may need to pay NZD 140 for every additional bag if you travel from Australia to any destination in the world.

Air New Zealand Excess Baggage Limit & Fee

Your Air NZ baggage limit shouldn’t exceed 32 kg. Most tickets allow you to carry a maximum of 23 kg and you’re charged Air NZ excess baggage fees if your luggage weighs between 23 kg and 32 kg. 

As mentioned earlier, any bag that exceeds 32 kg must be transported via cargo. The cost of additional weight depends on your departure and arrival airports. For example, if you travel from Australia to any destination in the world, you may need to pay AUD 55 for a bag that weighs more than 23 kg and less than 32 kg. 

Additional Items On Air New Zealand

You are permitted to carry certain sporting and musical items as regular baggage if they meet the Air NZ baggage policy, especially the weight and size requirements of the airline. 

  • Items that are less than 78.7 inches or 2 meters long can be transported as regular checked-in luggage. 
  • Items that weigh less than 23 kg can be transported as checked-in luggage. 
  • Items that weigh more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg will incur an additional fine but can be transported as checked-in luggage. 
  • Items that exceed 32 kg in weight must be transported separately through cargo service. 
  • Items that are less than 98.4 inches or 2.5 meters can be transported as checked-in luggage but you will need to pay Air NZ excess baggage fees. 
  • Items that are more than 2.5 meters in size must be transported through cargo. 

Air New Zealand baggage policy is comprehensive and depends on the departing and arrival destinations. While you’re booking a ticket, you will need to look at the particular rules applicable to your situation.

Baggage Allowances For Other Airlines

  • Qantas Airways – You can check out the Qantas Baggage allowance and all the requisite details pertaining to the luggage in the economy or business class here.
  • Qatar Airways – Want to know about Qatar Baggage allowance, including dimensions, extra baggage cost, and more? We have the details ready for you.
  • Singapore Airlines – This is another airline with a generous baggage policy. Here are the details on Singapore Airlines baggage allowance for your ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Air New Zealand baggage allowance for infants and children?

A: If you have booked a child ticket, you get the same baggage allowance as the adult ticket. If you’re carrying the child with you, you have the Air New Zealand carry on luggage allowance. You can take a diaper bag with you as an additional small bag. 

Q. What happens if my bag weighs more than what’s allowed?

A: If your bag weighs more, you may need to pay the additional or oversize baggage Air NZ fee. If it weighs more than the limit permitted on the aircraft, you need to either repack the contents of one bag in two bags or transport the bag through cargo. 

Q. Which sporting items can I check in?

A: You can transport a bike, windsurfer, surfboard, water ski, snow ski, hang glider, golf bag, and snowboard as regular checked-in luggage. Visit the Air New Zealand website to know more about sporting goods transport. 

Q: What are Air New Zealand baggage requirements?

  A: Air New Zealand baggage requirements vary based on your ticket type and destination. Generally, for economy class on international flights, you’re allowed one carry-on bag up to 7kg (15lbs) and one checked bag up to 23kg (50lbs). Additional fees apply for extra bags or overweight items.

Q: How to get Air New Zealand baggage information?

A: You can find Air New Zealand’s baggage information on their website or by checking your booking details.

Q: What are the air New Zealand carry on dimensions?

   A: Air New Zealand allows carry-on bags with dimensions up to 118 linear centimeters (55 x 40 x 23 cm) and a maximum weight of 7kg (15 lbs).

Now that you know almost everything about the Air New Zealand baggage fee & allowance, you need to book a ticket!

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