Latest: Australia to Allow Travelers to Enter Without a Pre-Departure Covid-19 Test

No Covid test needed

Posted on Mar 29th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on May 26th, 2022

International travel has become more complicated in recent years because of the global pandemic. Different countries have developed different approaches to protect their population from the virus. Australia has had one of the strictest responses to the pandemic, placing comprehensive travel restrictions on people attempting to visit the country. 

One of these restrictions was the requirement of a pre-departure covid-19 test. Visitors were only allowed to enter if they cleared that test and followed strict safety protocols. 

Based on expert medical advice, the country has started to ease some of its restrictions. The Australian government’s Biosecurity Emergency Determination for the pandemic has been in place for several months and was set to renew on April 17th, 2022. The government has decided the policy doesn’t need to be renewed at this time. 

What Does This Mean for Travelers to Australia?

The implementation of strict policies helped Australia prevent thousands of deaths and millions of hospitalizations. Currently, the country has some of the highest vaccination rates in the world. The government has deemed it safe for people to enter the country under fewer restrictions. This means:

  • Travellers don’t need to present a negative covid test before entering the country. 
  • Cruise vessels can enter Australian territory with fewer restrictions from April 18th
  • The Australian government will continue to monitor the costs of Rapid Antigen Tests but the price gouging rules have been eased
  • All travellers entering Australia must provide proof of vaccination against covid-19. They must complete all the required doses before entering the country. 
  • All travellers must also continue to wear a mask throughout their flight, only removing it when they are eating or drinking. 

Travellers are expected to follow reasonable safety protocols during their journey to reduce the chances of them contracting the virus or spreading it to others. 

Borders are Open for International Travellers Once Again

The Australian government announced opening its borders and easing travel restrictions in February 2022, which have been active for nearly two years. This is the first time since the policy was implemented that visitors will be able to travel to Australia and in Australia freely. According to the regulations:

  • Only fully vaccinated travellers (with approved vaccines) will be allowed to enter. 
  • Unvaccinated or people with incomplete vaccinations (those who have only taken a single dose of a vaccine that requires 2 doses,) can only enter if they’re granted special exemptions. 
  • Travellers who have been unable to get vaccinated due to medical reasons must apply for a special exemption. 
  • People travelling under exemption must quarantine at a hotel for a specified time upon arrival.

It is important to note that the Australian Government may implement stricter protocols at a later date if the situation changes. We recommend travellers check the latest news by staying tuned to this space as we’ll update every advancement here, big or small.

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